Only one woman on AI Express survived

Mangalore, May 22 (Calcutta Tube) Sabrina Nasrinhuq is the only woman of the 31 women on board the crashed Air India Express plane to escape alive.

Sabrina managed to escape through an opening in the Boeing 737 from Dubai as it overshot the Mangalore runway and plunged about 300 metres down a cliff, killing 159 people.

She suffered minor injuries. She and six male passengers managed to escape from the plane.

The other survivors are: Putturismail Abdulla, Joel Pratap D’Souza, G.K. Pradeep, Krishnan Koolikkunnu, Mayankutty K.P., Ummer Farook Mohammed.

Of the 166 people on board the flight, including six crew members, 106 were male, 31 female, 19 children and four infants.

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