Om Puri disgusts me says ex-brother-in-law Annu Kapoor


Feb 3, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Om Puri’s personal life has pretty much been out in the public these days. Since he announced his decision to return to his first wife, Seema Kapoor, Om’s second wife Nandita isn’t the only one who isn’t happy. Seema’s brother, actor Annu Kapoor is shocked that his sister has agreed to live with Om again, after everything he put her through.

Annu believes that when Om says that he wants to spend his old age with his first wife, he actually means that he needs support. Annu thinks Om should go get a maid instead. He reminisces about the time when Om had lashed Seema with false allegations and Annu brought her to his house back then and told her that she would live with him thereon.

Annu doesn’t want to accept Om’s public apologies and he will make sure that Seema doesn’t go back to live with him. He takes pride in the fact that his sister never remarried, even though she was divorced from Om Puri for 16 years. He just feels bad that Seema remained quiet all this time.

-Sampurn Wire

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