Olot Palot (2009) Bengali Film Review

Olot Palot (2009) Bengali Film Review
Olot Palot is the latest Bengali Comedy film by Swapan Saha featuring Rishi, Hiran,S udipta and Shriya in lead roles. Olot Palot is a great comedy about a poor and rich guy who happens to live each others life. Rupam Islam has sung a song for Rocket Mondal in the movie. Rajatava Dutta is definitely another attraction in the latest Bengali film.



Rishi has worked with Prosenjit in Takkar that did not so very well. He seriously over acted in Takkar and we are hoping that comedy should be coming more naturally to him this time. It would be nice to see Hiran back after disappointing Maa Amar Maa.Exclusive Bengali movie review coming up shortly.

Producer : Zee Motion Pictures
Production and Distribution :
T.Sirkar Productions
by Swapan Saha (The only Director from India who’s name is recorded in the Guiness Book of World records)
Casting : Hiran, Rajatava Dutta, Shriya, Rishi, Sudipta, Salil De, Pele, Prasun
Story,Screenplay, Dialogue and Lyrics: S. B. Surojit ( Pele )
Camera : Rana
Music :
Rocket Mondal
Singers: Amit Kumar, Rupam Islam, Iman,Annwesha and others

Check out the Olot Palot Bengali Movie Trailer and Songs at CalcuttaTube.
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21 thoughts on “Olot Palot (2009) Bengali Film Review

  1. I think we have the lowest numbers of Hiran fans at CT. I have never seen nearly any craze about Hiran at CT ever. Why is that? I thought Hiran is doing pretty well in Kolkata.

  2. Swapan Kumar Nath / May 30, 2009 at 12:16 pm

    i have seen rishi in zee bangla presentation sa-re-gama. his presentation cum interraction with the little chams has charmed me. as an artist in olotpalot is yet to be seen. seems to be prominent. i wish him best of luck.

  3. We all wish to see Bengali Movies bringing back Bengalees back to the movie halls again.

  4. The other singers are Anusua & Sumana Chakraborty. They are more accomplished singers in the industry than new comers Imon & Anneswa. Surprised to see their names missing in the list.

    I watched the movie yesterday. Rs.100 (back / gold class) & Rs.80 (front) at Hiland Park Fame.
    Rishi & Rajatava Dutta are the best actors in the movie. Very surprised to see Rishi’s performance. Script is weak. camera work & music is quite good.

  5. biplobi hawa / June 13, 2009 at 7:25 am

    I saw the film olot palot more than thrice just for Rishi’s extra ordinery performance. But i was not surprised to see Rishi’s performance in olotpalot because from the very beginning that is from his first appearance in Takkar, i found the would be extra ordinery Rishi. I feel proud that bengali movie has been able to discover such an all rounder like Rishi. His beautiful appearance, his wonderful dance and his cerebral acting are the three aces. I wish his unlimitted success.

    biplobi hawa, 12.06.2009

  6. biplobi hawa / June 16, 2009 at 2:54 am

    To the bengali film director Mr. Swapan Saha


    Apnar Takkar -e Rishike dekhlam ek dustu damal kishor, mamar adore jedi kintu monta valobasate vora.

    Olot palot -e Rishike dekhlam advut valolaglo. dekhlam Rishir modhye roeche nana dhoroner art sense ebong art skill er somvar.

    apnii paren Rishir ei boisistyoguli apnar movie madhyome tule dhorte. tate Rishi kromagato sundar fuler moto bikoshito hote thakbe. ar bangla movie samridho hobe.

    ei bisoye apnar sath alochona korte ami agrohi. jodi apni agrohi thaken tahole amk e-mail kore communicate korte paren.

    amar e-mail address beingrealfree@gmail.com

    biplobi hawa, 16.06.2009

  7. jhotka premer raja
    tera rup mastana
    amar khable nili
    buker kolija……….

    dear Rishi,
    do you read this message board? You have to read it because you are a great part of bengali movie now. I am writing this for you.

    answer me if you read this message

    sorosi, 19.06.2009


  8. hi, caltuccatube.com
    is there anyone in calcuttatube.com to give answer to my quiries?
    may i know who takes that responsibility?
    who is ankan basu?
    what is his responsibility with the only bengali movie magazine anondolok?



  9. Rishi is simply grand in olotpalot. I am waiting for his next bengali movie.
    I wish his healthy happy life for ever.

    Mina, 22.06.2009

  10. Shalini Mitra / July 4, 2009 at 2:28 am

    The only good thing about this movie was Rupam Islams song and s=his presence in the film. which is not there in these trailers.

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  12. i love the way rishi is in the movie “bindas” would love to see him in movies like this he is superb

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  14. i want 2 work with swapan saha.me sudipta.36yrs.i have done 3 teleflim.i want to acting in bengali flim.my e-mail address is sudipta_de2010@yahoo.com.plz help me any body.

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