Ogo Bideshini (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

OGO BIDESHINI Bengali Movie Locket Abhishek May 13, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Ogo Bideshini is a 2011 Bengali movie directed by Joy Mukherjee with and Tapas Pal, Abhishek Chatterjee, Locket Chatterjee, Sohini Pal and others in the cast. Read the film review at Calcutta Tube.


Banner: Dev Pictures International

Story and direction: Joy Mukherjee

Screenplay: Lovely Mukherjee

Music: Ashok Bhadra

Lyrics: Priyo Chattopadhyay, Goutam and Susmit

Cast: Tapas Pal, Abhishek Chatterjee, Locket Chatterjee, Sohini Pal, Debjani Chatterjee, Nimu Bhowmick, Santana Basu and others

Date of release: May 6 2011

Rating: 04/10

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[ReviewAZON asin=”B004MS75MM” display=”inlinepost”]If you ask for the story, it has been beaten to death with repetition till you can probably guess what is going to happen in the end before the leading lady gets admitted into a hospital for injuries sustained in a car crash intended to kill her. Ogo Bideshini is picked from the line of a famous Tagore song and arbitrarily turned into a title for the film where the ‘bideshini’ – girl from another land – travels from Kolkata to the tea plantations in North Bengal! We do not know when Bengali filmmakers developed such myopic geographical vision!

Rik (Abhishek Chatterjee) is a brilliant student appearing for his graduation exams! He has a close friendship with Shaoli (Locket Chatterjee) who, unknown to him in the beginning, is fatally attracted to him and refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer. Problem is, she has a powerful older brother (Tapas Pal) who is prepared to do anything for his beloved sister ranging from handing a cushy job to Rik in his plantation, allowing him to bunk work and frolic around with dear sis, to trying to run over Nodi (Sohini Pal), the girl from Kolkata Rik falls in love with. This gives the scriptwriter abundant scope to put in song-dance sequences on hilly terrains with the hero gallivanting around with his two lady loves. But Shaoli is diagnosed a patient of brain cancer while Nodi loses her vision as a result of the car crash. Now you know how the story ends. Shaoli dies leaving the way clear for Rik to marry the blind Nodi with the suggestion that a corneal transplant will cure her blindness. No prizes for guessing how that corneal transplant will come about!

Poor Abhishek Chatterjee with his new career lease as romantic hero is in an unenviable position when he is forced to gallivant around with Sohini who is not only half his age and looks so but is also the adult daughter of his peer Tapas Pal! They are obviously mismatched while the ageing Locket is a better match for Rik. Too many song-dance situations with very badly choreographed dance numbers, college crowds who seem to have made college their permanent staying abode, superfluous melodrama and stupid comic interludes that reduce the veteran Nimu Bhowmick to a pathetic joker spoil whatever little possibility the film had to pull the audience into the empty theatre. There is an interesting side-bar that suggests at a love story between Rik’s older sister Shoiti (Debjani Chatterjee) and Shaoli’s brother gone sour because of their ‘sacrificing’ nature because it is kept at the suggestive level and not permitted to go into flashback.

It is nice to see Tapas Pal in his true element as an actor of talent after a long time even within a weak script that does little justice to characterization and logic. For once, he does not put in his ‘poriborton’ act. He looks good too. Abhishek tries to give of his best in a role that does not suit either his age or his image. Locket is okay but she needs either to brush up on her dress sense or arrange to add some flesh to those skinny legs that offer bad visuals for the audience. Why her adoring brother does not bother about her headaches remains in the dark. Sohini adds a fresh charm with her spontaneous performance but becomes stiff in the scenes after she goes blind. Debjani is controlled as Shoiti. That touch about a take-away joint run by Shoiti is good. Ashok Bhadra’s music passes muster for the songs but is very loud and jarring and misplaced in the soundtrack. The cameraman does not have inputs to offer nor does the editor.

Joy Mukherjee did some good telefilms in his peak years. But with Ogo Bideshini, he fails to deliver because of a cliché story, a trite script, bad casting and poor styling.

– Shoma A. Chatterji

2 thoughts on “Ogo Bideshini (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

  1. Shoma : Surprised at your review ! Truly !
    Amir in 3-idiots as a college student paired with Kareena(half his age) – Fair? Should be! Salman – Sonakshi : Fair.. Ofcourse… Yet not your own Tollywood actor. Why? (Oh must I add , its also ok with the likes of Prosenjit C acting young) When do we stop living in the hypocritical, plastic world and appreciate work which is deserving. I presume you have seen the movie.. so do you feel Sohini looked baby-faced enough, or Abhishek looked old enough? If you are a review writer for actors, then you would obviously know the definition of acting . So, what is it? What is acting per your definition? Does it demand only a young paired avec a young ? or vice versa ? Do you feel acting means bring live situations and got no limitations to the quote ‘age’. I believe as a writer, your individual role demands truth and integrity, rather than write ‘plastics’ . Come on!.. Its high time we appreciate!.. Say good for a good!
    I believe the movie was good enough. Locket does need a break though. Her makeup needs to be more defined. Sohini was nice and so was Abhishek. Joy Mukherjee had thought of this fresh story line, and must be appreciated.
    Yet, I agree on you on the note of the film title, although that shouldnt be the means for your judging the entire film… and thats where your creditibility as a writer ought be questioned.
    Looking for positives from your side way forward!

  2. …Oh yes! Another definite mention… Locket was the mismatch in the story line. Abhishek-Sohini pair definitely clicked!

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