NRI guest in Lapataganj! Hindi TV Serial


SAB TV’s ‘Lapataganj’ has experienced all weird kinds of guest coming to their place for a visit and see what all happens in the village, things which have been unfortunately ignored by our Indian Government. And even this time the village has been gifted with another overseas guest!

Our reliable source from the sets informs, "For this time Lapataganj and its residents will see an NRI (Non Resident Indian) lady visiting their village to see how the village works and to especially see what Indian culture is all about. The ladies (Misri Mausi -Shubhangi Gokhle, Indumati-Sucheta Khanna, Surili- Priti Amin and other companions) from the village teach the NRI lady about Indian culture and also dress her up in a sari and all the accessories."

"The foreigner too likes the Indian Culture and the innocence of the villagers with which they all have taken care of her. The shoot for the same is on with the telecast due in few days," adds the source.

Let’s see what happens when an NRI enters Lapataganj!

-Tejashree Bhopatkar /Sampurn Media

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