NRI Filmmaker Samir Banerjee to take Bengali Films to international Film Festivals

Calcutta Tube (July 13): Filmmaker/producer Samir Banerjee came to the grand NABC 2010 meet at the Atlantic City, New Jersey. Mr. Ganguly is living in the USA for the past seventeen years and has started his own production company named S.B. Talkies. SB Talkies Production is the Parent group where all things video is found. SB Talkies produce Short Films, Documentaries, Music Videos, Photography, Theatre, Screenwriting, Music and more. Bugger Off Films is a subsidiary of SB Talkies Productions focusing purely on making Short Films and Features.

Mr. Samir Banerjee is trying to promote the Bengali culture and the Bengali Films in the USA and is particularly interested in showcasing Bengali films in various international film festivals like Sundance Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival and so on.

Samir Banerjee was invited to the “Question and answer with the stars” session and shared the stage with others from Bengali film industry including Rituparna Sengupta, Bikram Ghosh, Arpita Chatterjee, Shayan Munshi, Arijit Dutta, Suman Ghosh and more.  The Databazaar CEO Mr. Oney Seal also answered questions from the audience about the extraordinary effort by Databazaar to fight against piracy and releasing Bengali films simultaneously both in the USA and India.

Samir Banerjee at NABC 2010
Samir Banerjee at NABC 2010


First Movie:

  • Junoon: (2002)
  • Starring: Suken Bhandari
  • Directed by: Sujoy Banerjee & Siddharth Sanghani.


  • Sophie: (2003)
  • Starring: Preeti Pahwa
  • Directed by: Samir Banerjee

Coverage by: Ankan Basu

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