Now take ‘Office Office’ home on DVD

New Delhi, Jan 23, 2011 (Calcutta Tube) Enjoyed it during its run and re-runs. Now take popular Hindi sitcom ‘Office Office’, which had Pankaj Kapoor as the harassed common man Musaddilal, home as the whole season is out on DVDs.

Eagle Home Entertainment is bringing the show on a 16-DVD set for the first time. The set contains all the seasons and episodes of the award winning popular comedy show.

‘Eagle Home Entertainment has re-mastered and re-edited the whole series to send in a fit of laughter,’ read a statement from the company.

Also starring Sanjay Mishra and other television actors, it was aired on SAB TV from 2000 to 2004. Focusing on the hardships dealt to a common man at Indian government offices because of the babudom in a humorous way, the series is based on corruption and bribery in the public offices.

Pankaj Kapoor’s character was in a way a new face of the common man who becomes a scapegoat at the hands of babus.

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