Now, get traffic updates online

New Delhi, May 17 (Calcutta Tube) Traffic updates and advisories in the capital can now be accessed online on popular social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, a police official said Monday.

‘Traffic updates and advisories can be taken from our online accounts on Facebook and Twitter. This is an attempt to reach out to the people,’ a senior traffic official told IANS.

According to the traffic department of the Delhi Police, the accounts on the two social networking websites have been recently opened as an attempt to connect with people and have generated a lot of interest.

‘We have received a lot of response and suggestions. We want more people to get traffic updates and advisories online. We also want more suggestions from them,’ the official added.

Apart from social networking, the traffic department will also enrol local Delhi celebrities to educate Delhiites on better driving sense through print and radio communications before the Commonwealth Games.

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