Now easily download Yash Raj films from the net

Mumbai, March 25 (Calcutta Tube) Yash Raj Films has given its whole library to a new venture between Intel and Hungama Digital Entertainment, which is making available a selection of famous Bollywood and international movies for downloading and streaming by movie buffs.

‘We are very much delighted that Intel is debuting their newest technology with Yash Raj Library. We are very happy with the association. Now the audiences would have all the films of their choice at their fingertips,’ Yash Chopra, chairman (entertainment) of FICCI-Frames told reporters at the conclave.

‘Because of this Intel Insider technology, every film could be watched at high definition on their computers and they would be able to download whatever they want, whenever they want,’ he added.

Chopra claims that, regardless of the medium, if each time a viewer pays a nominal sum for watching a film, no film across the world would ever flop.

‘Honestly, I am not just saying it but I mean it, any film of any producer is shown in any form of technology like mobile, TV, film, downloading and if the person seeing the movie pays even Rs.1 he watches it, no film in this world would be flop,’ said Chopra.

Isn’t he afraid of piracy?

‘I am not worried about piracy. I feel very secure and it would generate revenue. My whole library is with them,’ said Chopra.

Aprat from Yash Raj Films, this technology would also facilitate a huge range of films by Paramount Pictures, T-Series and Reliance Home Video.

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