Not so Cue-less, Billiard’s blue-eyed boy eyeing Bollywood!


The youngest world billiard champion Pankaj Advani is a champion of many hues. He stunned the audience at Bangalore Fashion week on 23rd July, 2009 by posing as the show stopper for designer Namrata G. On being asked how he chose to do something so unconventional, he instantly replied with a cute smile, “Though I am a billiard champion I am a young guy and fashion conscious, so when Namrata asked me to showcase her collection I agreed without doubt as her dresses had a good colour effect and the designs appealed to me”.

In contrast to his perception of being media shy Pankaj Advani, walked the ramp with as much confidence as he strikes his cue in billiards. The ethnic costume that he was wearing blended with his elegance; it surely wooed the audience of Bangalore, and bought to front another facet of this young champ. So look forward to more of his glam images, who knows, he may be the next pick of Bollywood!

– Sampurn Media

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