Not aware of penalty, say Delhi Metro’s male commuters

New Delhi, Oct 25 (IANS) Most men travelling on the Delhi Metro Monday said they were unaware they would have to pay a fine of Rs.200 if found travelling on coaches reserved for women. The Metro needs to spread awareness before imposing the penalty, they felt.

‘I don’t know about any such fine … generally I don’t travel in women’s coach. I think Delhi Metro should create awareness about it before imposing any penalty,’ said Amit Singh, a college student.

Delhi Metro Sunday announced a fine of Rs.200 for every violation, to be enforced from Tuesday. Children up to 12 years, accompanied by women, can travel in the reserved coaches. Mobile squads will be deployed to ensure compliance, Metro officials said.

The fine follows the decision Oct 2 to reserve the first coach in every train for women. But many men have been found to disregard the rule, particularly during rush hours.

‘Most of us don’t know about the fine. I think men board the reserved coach only when rest of the compartments are overcrowded, and there is some space in the women’s coach,’ said Atul Saxena, a government employee.

Women commuters were all praise for the penalty.

‘Many men travel in the reserved coaches, and they don’t move even after being told by women passengers. It is good that Delhi Metro has started penalising the defaulters,’ said Sangeeta Singh, a college student.

‘Thanks to Delhi Metro for reserving a coach for women. When it’s an all-women coach, I don’t mind taking a crowded Metro, which is unthinkable for a general coach,’ said Tripti Singh, a marketing professional.

Some male commuters too supported the move.

‘It is a good move. I think the penalty will act as a deterrent,’ said Sanjeev Arora, a bank employee.

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