Nostalgic Shaan


Q. Which songs are you enjoying most these days?
A. Nothing particular, but a track from the film Love Story 2050 and the track of De Taali… by Sunidhi and KK. Both of them are really sounding nice.

Q. Which film songs from the recent releases have appealed most to you?
A. Nothing in particular. But the song which I have mentioned from Love Story 2050 and De Taali… have really appealed me. 

Q. What do you like most – original or remix?
A. Original of course.

Q. Which are your five all time favorite songs?
A. A song from the film Teen Deviyan called Aise to naa dekho, Phir wohi raat hai from Ghar, Tum agaye Ho from Aandhi, Overjoyed from an album by Steve Wonder, and Spinning the wheel by George Michael.

Q. Which is your favorite romantic song?
A. It’s Hume tumse pyaar kitna…

 Q. Which opinion is most close to your heart – Today’s songs are better than oldies, Today’s songs are as good as oldies had been or Today’s songs are worse than oldies.
A. There are some wonderful songs that are been made today. You can’t say that they are worst or better. All the while, whether it’s in old generation or the generation we are singing in, good and bad songs are there in the industry. So you can’t really compare between the two.

Q. How do you look at the concept – Old is Gold?
A. Yes, it’s very true. Old songs bring out the nostalgia of one, so I do believe that old is gold.

Sabir Rahman (SAMPURN)

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