Nobel Chor (2012)-Hats Off to Mithin Charaborty (Bengali Movie Review)

Mithun Chakrabarty in Nobel ChorFeb 26, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Versatile actor Mithun Chakraborty excels as Bhanu in director Suman Ghosh’s latest Bengali film ‘Nobel Chor’ which also has Soumitra Chatterjee, Rupa Ganguly, Harsh Chhaya and others in the cast. Critic Pachu Ray explores. Read the Bengali film review at Calcutta Tube.

Hats Off To Mithun Chakraborty, Really You Are What You Are!

To me at the moment Bengal has two Dadas (i.e. big boss). Number one Mamata Banerjii. Number two Mithun Chakraborty. Both of them in their respective fields are versatile and beyond any challenge and have modus operandi of their own kind. Both are naïve, pragmatic, straight forward in one hand and very impulsive on the other. In 2004 when the Nobel Memento was stolen, Mamata Banerjii as opposition leader shouted like anything(framed in Suman`s film also). And in  Nobel Chor,  Mithun in the role of Bhanu, the  poor illiterate honest villager living very near to Shantiniketon, the dreamland of the Poet, unfurled his acting talent to acclaim the protest against this unforgivable theft. His acting in this film reminds us very much of Budhdhhadeb Dasgupta`s Tahader Katha where, after his debut Mrigaya of Mrinal Sen, we discovered another Mithun much different from Disco Dancer or Agnipath. It`s amazing that till date  Mithun is equally comfortable in Fatakesto or Guru in one hand and Shukno lanka or Nobel Chor on the other.

Story line

The film starts in deem light with some  people trying to break giant lock of a strong door of a big house. That night in their village, Bhanu (Mithun) while sleeping in their thatched house with his wife (Soma Chakraborty), suddenly notice  barking of street dogs and find someone knocking at their door. Bhanu comes out of the house with lantern but finds none. Next morning while brushing his teeth near their well, Bhanu comes across the Nobel Medal lying in the mud. It`s obvious that, where about of that medal was totally unknown to rural illiterate Bhanu. Seeing the gold medal his wife desires as many golden ornaments as possible.  Next day morning the news papers first flash the episode. While reading this news, respectable Mastermoshai (teacher) of the village community finds Bhanu who has come with the Medal to have his prudent suggestion .This is the gateway through which along with Bhanu we enter into a labyrinth of myth and reality, of comedy and ultimate tragedy.  Saint like Mastermoshai (Soumitra Chaterjii) advises Bhanu to hand over the Medal to the Chief Minister (Dwijen Banerjii) and thus bringing the name of their destitute village in the arena, so that with gratitude against getting back the medal, the CM could do something for this poor village. He, on behalf of Bhanu writes a letter to the CM and handed over the same to Bhanu. The teacher also gives an address. The addressee Hari (Swasato Chaterjii and as Manu his wife Sudipta Chakraborty) , the teacher says, is a well connected person. Bhanu abides by the teacher and with the medal then Bhanu goes out of the village and reaches Kolkata Mahnagar. And then starts a new journey unprecedented for Bhanu  with police personal( Arindam Sil enacted as head), with the administration, with the corporate, with the mafia, with the smugglers and ultimately with his destiny. All throughout the story from the beginning to the end, director has drawn an imaginary silver line with a different philosophy translated brilliantly by  Shankar Debnath in the frame.

Directorial work

Again this film of Suman Ghosh has no strong logical basement .I have not watched his earlier films(Padakhhep and Dandwa), but this film though directed brilliantly, stands on a very week pivot. Why the people who has the courage or connection to snatch the invaluable medal from its strong room, will throw the same in the mud? With this very illogical Start the director attains momentum for taking as many cinematic license as possible. And thus Suman has taken advantage of  this till end .Until and unless you get  the medal, its sheer and unforgivable nuisance to kill the prospective thief. ‘I asked you to shoot at leg` type of alibi does not do anything at all. But magically most of those loop holes are being brilliantly cemented by unique acting of Mithun Chakraborty in one hand  and smart directorial work of Suman Ghosh on the other. Really Suman has done a nice job besides having a poor editor in his stock. Bikram Ghosh as music director is very much balanced and has used folk tune in a soothing penetrating manner.


In this film there was every probability of all the actors being eclipsed by the giant Mithun. But Suman as a director has tuned the whole acting in a very modest scale. So all the actors have their own room to roam about. As per acting is concerned besides Mithun`s undaunted performance no one is subordinated by any one and all of them has done their job nicely. In his commercial cinema Mithun used to subordinate every one. Here besides his brilliant acting he subordinates none. And here also credit goes to Suman the director who in this film has highlighted the inbuilt honesty of subaltern Bhanu and has exposed the nasty greed of elitist urban.

– Pachu Ray

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