No to playing Holi with women? Then set their homes afire

Patna, March 2 (IANS) The inequalities in Bihar society came to the fore again on Holi with a group of rich, armed men setting ablaze the homes of the poor in a village for not being allowed to play with their women, police said Tuesday.

About a dozen thatched homes belonging to the poorest in Rajespur village in Patna district, about 80 km from here, were set on fire late Monday by the powerful mafia, locally known as ‘dabang’.

Four people have been arrested but tension continues with hundreds demanding action against accused. Security forces have been deployed to avoid further trouble.

That Holi, the festival of colours, could often degenerate into hooliganism became apparent with the ‘dabangs’ hitting back because they were not allowed to play Holi with the women of some of the poor in the village.

‘It was another example of Holi revelry going wrong when some powerful people set ablaze houses for not being allowed to play Holi with the poor women,’ a police official said.

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