No One Killed Jessica-Sabrina Lall on the Bollywood film

New Delhi, Nov 18 (Calcutta Tube) Sabrina Lall says she doesn’t care if her sister Jessica’s murder case is commercialised through Rajkumar Gupta’s movie as long as it presents facts correctly.

‘I am not part of commercialisation and moviemaking. A lot of movies have picked bits and pieces from Jessica’s case, but this is one film which is completely about the case. So, whether its commercialisation or whatever…it doesn’t matter,’ Lall told reporters at a press conference here Thursday.

‘I am only associated because this is the only movie about my sister’s case,’ she added.

Titled ‘No One Killed Jessica’, the film is based on model Jessica Lall who was shot dead in 1999 by Manu Sharma in night bar.

Produced by UTV Spotboy, the film features Vidya Balan as Sabrina while Rani Mukerji plays a journalist who feels passionately for the case. It will hit the screens Jan 7 next year.

Lall, who was here along with the cast and crew of ‘No One Killed Jessica’, stood her ground and fought for justice for her sister for many years, until Jessica’s attacker Manu Sharma, sone of a Haryana politician, was sentenced to lifetime imprisonment in 2006.

‘Somehow, all of us were connected to the case in some way or the other. Some sent support through SMS, some posted on blogs, some attended the candle vigil. A lot of people felt oneness with the case…and so for me it was always like ‘If someone wants to make a film on it, you’re welcome’,’ said Lall.

She feels Gupta has done justice with the film and handled the subject sensitively.

‘Rajkumar spent a lot of time with me…we used to meet every week, and he got a sense of my feelings and emotions with the case. My only concern as a family member was that whatever is being portrayed should not be wrong or incorrect or harm me or my family in any way. After reading the script, I endorse the movie to the extent that 99 percent of it is factually based on the events that happened, and it does not hurt anyone’s sentiments,’ she said.

Now Lall is looking forward to the movie’s release.

‘I have read the script, and of course I would like to watch it,’ she said, and wished the lead actors ‘all the best’.

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