No One Killed Jessica (2011) Hindi Movie Press Meet in Kolkata

No One Killed Jessica-Press Meet in Kolkata
No One Killed Jessica-Press Meet in Kolkata

Kolkata, January 1, 2010 (Calcutta Tube/IBNS): Actors Rani Mukherji and Vidya Balan were in the city on Monday to promote their film ”No One Killed Jessica”.

“Working on such an issue is like a learning experience. This film carries a lesson with it. It is based on how media can help the gain justice,” Rani Mukherjee said.

When asked about her character she said: “My character is that of a crime reporter (Meera). In brief, she portrays the power of media.”

On her comfortability in using harsh words in the film, Rani said, “Yes, I was comfortable as when I play a character, I do it with all my heart and full sincerity.”

“And of course, the character needed to use such slangs to justify the role,” she added.

“I feel extremely honoured portraying the character of Sabrina,” actor Vidya Balan said.

“I simply personalized the emotional journey of Sabrina, though in physicality we are poles apart. I also appreciate the director for balancing two completely contrasting characters of Meera and Sabrina”, Vidya added.

Director, Rajkumar Gupta said: “I choose this subject as it was a very inspiring story, as in the course of events an entire nation came together. So, I thought of portraying the story on celluloid.

“I tried to depict an emotional journey that unites two people from different spheres,” he added.

It took the director a span of three months to research on the case and another seven months to pen the script.

‘No One Killed Jessica’ will hit the screens in Jan 2011.

It is based on the controversial Jessica Lall murder case of 1999 and the real life struggle of her sister Sabrina Lall for justice.

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