No four-letter word for Vidya Balan!


Vidya Balan who plays the scorching hot village belle in Vishal Bhardwaj’s ‘Ishqiya’ has mouthed quite a few expletives in the movie. Well if it is to be a Vishal Bhardwaj film then a few slip in the tongue and spicy rustic language is to be expected here and there, but apparently Vidya, who plays the character called Krishna in Vishal’s production was in for a shock when she realized that she has to say ch-ya more often than she thought of!

The ‘Parineeta’ actress recalls, “It is quite natural for a girl like Krishna who comes from a very aggressive background to use abusive language,” but she confesses, “As Vidya I am hesitant to use abusive language. During reading sessions I would say CSO4 because I was uncomfortable saying it out loud, but luckily I opened up in front of the camera.”

Vidya who is born and brought up in a typical south Indian Iyer family laughs, “South Indians don’t even know Hindi so how will they know Hindi gallis (expletives)!”

Also, Vidya is averse to people who use abusive language she says, “Once my director shouted and used foul language after that I just couldn’t do my shot.”

Looks like potty mouths hold no charm for Vidya Balan!

-Anil A Kanojia/ Sampurn Media

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