‘Nilkantho’ Bengali movie portrays plight of eunuchs

Kolkata, Sept 23 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): With Tollywood (Bengal film industry) picking up bold subjects these days, director Indrajit screened his latest project ‘Nilkantho‘ based on the life of eunuchs at Rotary Sadan in Kolkata on Thursday.

Around 50 eunuchs attended the screening along with the cast and crew of the film.

Indrajit, who has also acted, written lyrics and composed music for the film, said he is ‘nervous and excited’.

“I always wanted to do something different from others and gift it to the audiences. I am nervous as well as excited about Nilkantho,” Indrajit told IBNS on the sidelines of the screening.

Talking about choosing eunuchs for his subject, he said: “We forget that they are also human beings like us. They also have a right to be like us. What they are today is not their fault.”

The movie is based on eunuchs who face the criticism of people without any complain.

The story revolves around Nishikanta, an unemployed man who has a family to look after.

Nishikanta can’t even provide two square meals a day to his his wife and a newly born son.

The film begins with the birth of Nishikanta’s son and the arrival of the eunuchs at his doorstep.

The eunuchs wanted money from Nishikanta as they came to see the baby and shower blessings to him.

Nishikanta due to his poverty was not able to give a single pie to them. In turn, the eunuchs gave him money so that he may buy milk for his son.

To battle poverty and unemployment, Nishikanta joined the eunuch community to make a living.

The reality based movie is written Dr Biswanath Gangopadhyay.

Veteran Bengali actor George Bekar has played a small but important role in the film.

(Reporting by Papri Chanda)

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