New York, London, Tokyo and Paris as Top Global Cities on 2010 Global Cities Index

October 5, 2010 (Calcutta Tube):  New York, London, Tokyo and Paris are the world’s top global cities according to the 2010 Global Cities Index from global management consulting firm A.T. Kearney, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs, and Foreign Policy magazine. Since the first Global Cities Index was published in 2008, the world has experienced a financial tsunami, but the top-ranked cities have ridden this wave with much less damage than doomsayers predicted.
this wave with much less damage than doomsayers predicted.

2010 Most Global Cities 2008 Rank
1.        New York 1
2.        London 2
3.        Tokyo 4
4.        Paris 3
5.        Hong Kong 5
6.        Chicago 8
7.        Los Angeles 6
8.        Singapore 7
9.        Sydney 16
10.     Seoul 9
11.     Brussels 13
12.     San Francisco 15
13.     Washington D.C. 11
14.     Toronto 10
15.     Beijing 12
16.     Berlin 17
17.     Madrid 14
18.     Vienna 18
19.     Boston 29
20.     Frankfurt 21

Of the top 10 cities in this year’s Index, four are Asian cities – Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore and Seoul. Additionally, Sydney, Australia, an important international connector between East and West, moved from 16th place in the 2008 Index to 9th place in this year’s Index.

The increasing adoption of broadband technologies has had a measurable impact on globalization scores, while for major financial centers like New York and London,  the financial crisis has had less of an impact than was initially expected.

The 2010 Global Cities Index is published in the September/October issue of Foreign Policy (wwwforeignpolicy.com) and further analysis of the complete results is available in a paper at www.atkearney.com.  The Global Cities Index ranks 65 cities from around the globe, based on metrics grouped in five categories: business activity, human capital, information exchange, cultural experience, and political engagement. The Global Cities Index is unique in that it goes beyond measures of business and finance, and includes measurements of the key dimensions that define today’s global cities.

In reviewing the rankings of the five dimensions of the index it is interesting to note that the leading cities demonstrate different strengths across each of the five dimensions of the index:

Rank Business Activity Human Capital Information Exchange Cultural Experience Political Engagement
1st New York London New York London Washington D.C.
2nd Tokyo New York Geneva Paris New York
3rd Paris Los Angeles London New York Brussels
4th Hong Kong Chicago Brussels Tokyo Paris
5th London Hong Kong Paris Moscow Tokyo
6th Beijing Tokyo Berlin Los Angeles London
7th Singapore Sydney Frankfurt San Francisco Geneva
8th Shanghai Boston Tokyo Berlin Vienna
9th Seoul Toronto Stockholm Buenos Aires Cairo
10th Chicago San Francisco Washington D.C. Chicago Beijing

Web Site: http://www.atkearney.com

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