New dance form by Mom Ganguly, Kunal Saha touches Kolkata

Kolkata, June 25 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Kolkata witnessed a new form of dance and music on Friday night as  ‘Ishtara-The Genesis’ was stage by dancer Mom Ganguly and Kunal Saha here.

Ishtara is a blend of electronic and ethnic music. The dance form has characteristics that of ‘Mohiniyattam’, ‘Kathak’ and ‘Mayurbhanj Chhau’.

“The music used in Ishtara does not have a define theme. The uniqueness of Ishtara lies in its capacity to make one groove to Indian classical music and feel the peace within, yet throb to the western beats in it,” Ganguly said.

“The dance forms: one spiritual, one secular and the other a martial art give a broad spectrum to the Indian dance tapestry. The idea is to popularize the dance forms and bring them to the fore and let the Gen Y realize that these art forms are as contemporary and groovy as rap, reggae or hip-hop,” she said.

The idea of  Ishtara was conceived by Mohinyattam dancer Mom Ganguly with her Kaishiki Dance Troupe, Kunal Saha and his band ‘Blendz Adhikalp’.

The band is comprised of Sayantan, Pinaki, Sagar and Krishna.

Kunal Saha, a finalist in the first edition of India’s Got Talent, said, “Ishtara means something that one desires from the bottom of the heart. Our music will cater to listeners of rock, pop and classical both in Indian and western forms.”

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