Neha Dhupia in ‘Dear Friend Hitler’ movie says its difficult to play legends on screen

New Delhi, Feb 23 (Calcutta Tube) Bollywoo actress Neha Dhupia, who plays Eva Braun in ‘Dear Friend Hitler‘, says that it is difficult to play legends on screen. 

‘Playing the role of Hitler’s companion Eva Brown was very challenging. She was a legend in a way and I feel it is diffifcult to play legandary characters on screen,’ said the 30-year-old at presentation on the City Of Dreams Macau resort adjacent to Hong Kong. She has been appointed the official celebrity guide of the project.

‘It has been a task for me, but I took it very sportingly as I belive in extending and exploring my horizons. I am a firm believer of pushing one’s envelope and experincing the unkown,’ she added.

The film is directed by Rakesh Ranjan Kumar and also stars Nalin Singh and Raghuveer Yadav.

It is Amrapali Media Vision’s first production.

1 thought on “Neha Dhupia in ‘Dear Friend Hitler’ movie says its difficult to play legends on screen

  1. This is simply idiotic. Bollywood doesn’t even have the talent to produce actors who can play the roles of such personalities as ‘Hitler.’ Am not a neo-nazi or a fan of Hitler. In fact am jewish and I condemn this not because it’s simply about ‘Hitler’ but because of the theme of it and the horrendous title of the movie. And more so when the actor of Hitler doesn’t even look anything much like real Hitler.

    Bollywood is a third class film industry that can only produce irritating back ground dances and characters with some personality disorder. The Indian language ‘Hindi’ is also wrought with filthy words such as ‘madarchod’ and ‘behanchod.’ The North Indians who use this on a daily basis should have their tongues burnt and their lips smashed.

    The director and all those should be arrested on charges for making a film not because it is offensive but because it is based on faulty historical info.

    Hitler never liked India and he once said that ‘If India is in our hands, they would wish the british were back in India’

    This film sucks, North Indians suck, Bollywood sucks, India sucks.

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