‘Nee Illadhe’ – another cop story gone awry (Kannada Movie Review)

Movie: ‘Nee Illadhe’; Cast: Raghu Mukherjee and Pooja Gandhi; Director: Shiva Ganapathy; Camera: Sunredar Reddy; Music Director: R. Ashley Abhilash; Rating: *

Shiva Ganapathy-directed ‘Nee Illadhe’ is a real nightmare for the audience. The film has absolutely no credible story to boast of. It will be an understatement to describe the film as slow and tedious. For about 120 minutes, the film drags on and the unsuspecting audience may well feel that they have been led into a torture chamber.

The film’s heroine Pooja Gandhi had approached the court to stall the release as she had not been paid her dues. But after seeing the film, it is clear that her motive behind filing the petition might be deeper. Perhaps Pooja realised that the film’s release may further deepen the crisis she is facing because of her multiple flops.

Later, Pooja went for an out-of-court-settlement with the producers and got the distribution rights of the film in two regions.

‘Nee Illadhe’ can be called the worst film of Pooja Gandhi’s career and she has also contributed to make the film what it is. With her bizzare make-up and costumes, Pooja, who had a dream debut in ‘Mungaru Male’, shows how an actress can make things difficult for a film to succeed at the box office.

Shiva Ganapathy had earlier directed Pooja in ‘Anu’, which was a fairly good attempt. ‘Anu’ was a remake of Telugu hit ‘Anasuya’, directed by Ravi Babu. But while directing ‘Nee Illadhe’, Shiva falters a lot.

The film lacks direction from the first sequence. Shiva has included too many twists and turns, which are confusing. And these twists don’t create any interest in the film, rather confuse the viewers.

Though the film’s music is tolerable, Surendar Reddy’s camera work is totally inconsistent. Most of the sequences are shot in shadow lighting. Proper understanding about the use of the digitised RED ONE Camera would have helped the film in getting proper visuals.

It is very difficult to describe the story as there are too many

flashbacks. As it happens, the film’s heroine is an alcoholic because of her life. She was in in love with a man who had connections with the underworld. He even fires at her parents. The distraught heroine immediately hits the bottle.

Then she is wooed by another man and when both of are in the process of getting married, the first lover appears and fires at the couple, but they survive.

For those who have not seen the film, this illogical story would be enough to drive them crazy. But for the viewers who have already watched the film, it is certainly a nightmare.

If you still want to watch ‘Nee Illadhe’, do so at your own risk.

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