Nauheed Cyrusi bares it all; literally/ Nauheed’s assets made public


Some stars are too keen for stardom. If they don’t get it the right way, they take it in their own ways. Fortunately or unfortunately we have a lot of such ‘chapters’ in the Industry. One such chapter it seems is the least expected ‘Nauheed Cyrusi’. Nauheed, who wooed her audience with her performance and simple looks in ‘Anwar’ made quite an unusual style statement or to be clear in our accounts, made quite a pathetic style statement recently. Where people wear extra short and super skimpy clothes, Nauheed took a step further (quite bold step) and made her ‘assets’ all public.

At Ayesha Takia’s wedding reception at CCI Club on March 2, 2009, Nauheed made an entry in a super hot backless saree which sent temperature souring at the event. Her backless sari seemed to just have been supported by a strap (refer to the backless wala pic) and what do we say about the front views. One can check out the pics themselves and understand better what we are trying to hint at.

Now we have heard a lot about publicity stunts and if this was really one of them then seriously hats off to Nauheed. She should be given an award on this. However we do feel that it might have been a mistake from her end. We wonder doesn’t Nauheed glance at herself for long just as girls do when they are about to leave for a party?

Anyways, we would like Nauheed to be more cautious next time (but there’s nothing now left to be cautious) because the camera got what they always were eyeing on and the public got some masala stuff(in fact a lot of masala). -Sampurn Media

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