Nandita Das enjoys motherhood

Mumbai, Sep 13 (Calcutta Tube) Bollywood actress Nandita Das is savouring every moment of the joy of motherhood — and no interruptions are allowed.

The actress has switched off from the world to concentrate on her son Vihaan, so much so that friends like Rituparno Ghosh, Shabana Azmi and Deepa Mehta are wondering how to connect with the excited mom.

Nandita says with a laugh: ‘I am enjoying this experience of having the little one around, whose cries and smiles mean the world to me. Though much of my time is going in feeding, nappy changing and trying to get some sleep. It is wonderful to keep the phone on eternal silence and e-mails on auto-reply! I have never been so grounded.’

Career-wise Nandita is an essential part of Deepa Mehta’s ‘Midnight’s Children’. The actress was earlier supposed to do Deepa’s much-acclaimed ‘Water’, but the coveted role finally went to Lisa Ray. ‘But no regrets and no grudges,’ says Nandita.

Deepa and Nandita now meet just like old times.

Nandita says she is in her happiest space possible as she and her husband Subodh Maskara are just busy watching their little bundle of joy.

‘I have never been so grounded. Somehow I am missing nothing else. Subodh and I are spending a lot of time just watching our son! We have named him Vihaan. It is the Sanskrit word for ‘a new beginning’ or ‘the morning rays of the sun’. It sure is a new beginning for us.’

Incidentally, Vihaan was born on the same date this year that Nandita met her husband last year.

‘The uncanny thing is that Subodh and I met on August 11 last year, and he (Vihaan) was born on the 11th of August this year! Bizarre! The date will surely be the most important date in our lives,’ says Nandita.

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