Nandikar’s 28th Theatre Festival in Kolkata’s Academy of Fine Arts: Schedule

Dec 6, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Nandikar’s 28 th National Theatre Festival will be held at the Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata from 16th to 25 December, 2011. Eminent troupes from India and abroad will be taking part in this festival and showcase plays in different languages.
The festival will have a number of interesting features :
  • Our Dear Rabindranath, a Dramatic-Musical collage
  • One Performance each from Theatre-prone States like Assam, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha
  • Two Performances from Maharashtra
  • Two Performances from National School of Drama Repertory Company, Delhi
  • One Performance from National School of Drama TIE Company, Delhi
  • Troupes from Kolkata, West Bengal
  • Troupe from Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Troupe from Israel
  • The Children’s Chapter shall include a number of Performances by/for children
  • Exhibition on Rabindranath Tagore and Swami Vivekananda
  • Publication(s) 

Dec 16 Fri

06-00 pm: Inauguration  Ceremony & ‘Debi Sarpamasta’

Language: Bengali / Playwright: Manoj Mitra / Direction: Debesh Chattopadhyay  Troupe: Minerva Rep., Kolkata

Dec 17, Sat

03-00 pm: ‘Mohenjo-Daro’

Language: Hindi / Playwright: Akashaditya Lama / Direction: Kulvinder Bakshish / Troupe: Big Bang Theatre, Mumbai

06-30 pm : ‘Julius Caesar’

Language: Assamese / Playwright: William Shakespeare / Direction: Bhagirathi / Troupe: Seagull, Assam

Dec 18, Sun

03-00 pm: ‘Hastinapur’

Language: Hindi / Playwright : Nand Kishor Acharya / Direction: K. G. Trivedi / Troupe: Trikarshi, Bhopal

06-30 pm: ‘Journey to Dakghar’

Language: Bengali, English / Playwright,  Author: Rabindranath Tagore , Manish Mitra / Direction: Manish Mitra  / Troupe: Kasba Arghya, Kolkata

Dec 19, Mon

06-30 pm: ‘Adal Badal’

Language: Hindi / Playwright: K. G. Krishnamurthy / Direction: K. G. Krishnamurthy / Troupe: NSD TIE. Co., Delhi

06: 30 pm: ‘Mulya Ferot’

Language: Bengali / Playwright, Author: Karinthy, Goutam Sarkar / Direction: Sumanta Ganguly / Troupe: Nandikar, Kolkata

Dec 20, Tue

06-30 pm: ‘Streer Patra’

Language: Hindi / Playwright: Rabindranath Tagore / Direction: Seema Biswas / Troupe: Seema Biswas, Mumbai

06-30 pm: ‘Fin-Land’

Language: English / Playwright: Mica Dvir / Direction: Mica Dvir / Troupe: Israel

Dec 21, Wed

06-30 pm: ‘Raraang’

Language: Bengali / Playwright: Mamunur Rashid / Direction: Mamunur Rashid / Troupe: Aranyak, Dhaka

Dec 22, Thu

06.30 pm: ‘Hamara Shahar Us Baras’

Language: Hindi / Playwright: Geetanjali Shree / Direction: Kirti Jain / Troupe: NSD Rep. Co., Delhi

Dec 23, Fri

06-30 pm : ‘Comrade Kumbhakarna’

Language: Hindi / Playwright: Ramu Ramanathan / Direction: Mohit Takalkar  / Troupe: NSD Rep. Co., Delhi

Dec 24, Sat

03-00 pm: ‘Archeekaal’

Language: Kashmiri / Playwright: Syed Yaqoob Dilkash / Direction: Reshi Rashid  / Troupe: Roshan Art Centre, Kashmir

03-00 pm: ‘Da for Diary’

Language: Hindi / Playwright: Deepak Dhamija / Direction: Deepak Dhamija / Troupe: Shoelace, Delhi

06-30 pm: ‘Shosa’ (Thirst)

Language: Oriya / Playwright: Subodh Pattanaik / Direction: Subodh Pattanaik / Troupe: Natya Chetana, Orissa

Dec 25, Sun

10-00 am: 2 Children-friendly (CF *) Short Plays

‘Djinn-Jabda’ *

Language: Bengali / Playwright: Susanta Mandal / Direction: Susanta Mandal / Troupe: Children’s Ensemble Nandikar, Kolkata

‘Tusharmalaar Deshe’ *

Language: Bengali / Playwright: Collective Writing / Direction: Swatilekha Sengupta / Troupe: Children’s Ensemble Nandikar, Kolkata

03-00 pm: ‘Amaar Priyo Rabindranath’

Language: Bengali, English / Playwright: Rabindranath Tagore / Direction: Swatilekha Sengupta / Troupe: Nandikar, Kolkata

06-30 pm: ‘Madhabi’

Language: Bengali / Playwright, Author: Bhisham Sahni, Swatilekha Sengupta /Direction: Swatilekha Sengupta / Troupe: Nandikar, Kolkata


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