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No accessories for men

Video jockey Yudhishtir Urs aka Yudi has almost turned into a youth icon with his killer looks and cool attitude. Now, the hunk is all set to hit the silver screen this December. He tells us how he keeps himself fashionable all the time.

Q: What is your definition of fashion?
A: Comfort, comfort and comfort is what fashion is all about. I think one should wear clothes that suit his/her attitude. Being comfortable in what you are wearing is very important.

Q: Where do you mostly shop from?
A: I shop mostly from Dubai. Mainly because they have all major brands and the prices are also pretty cool.

Q: Any specific brands that you prefer?
A: I am not much of a brand-conscious person, but I like designers Abhishek Gupta and Nandita. Abhishek’s store in Delhi, called Fighter Cock, is my favourite. It’s a new store with nice funky clothes. It stocks brands that really suit my attitude. I also like Zara, Hugo Boss and Massimo Dutti.

Q. What do you mostly wear while at home?
A: When I am home, I mostly wear a T-shirt and a pair of nice fitted jeans. My favourite denim brand is Energy. I feel it fits me well. For casual wear, I prefer Bershka, this brand has really smart clothes.

Q: Your gym wear is…
A: In footwear, I think Nike makes good running shoes and tracks. Puma and Adidas make nice tracks but unfortunately, you don’t get to see a nice collection here in India. Even One Per cent is a nice brand for tracks. But as I said, you don’t have much options in India for men. Women have a wide range to pick from.

Q. Do you go for the formal look at times?
A: Yes, I love wearing suits; I prefer Mossimo Dutti, Zara and Hugo Boss for my suits.

Q. What’s your casual look?
A: T-shirt and jeans, sometimes tapered trousers with a nice fitting shirt. I like that retro look a lot, complete with Ray Ban aviator sunglasses.

Q: What do you prefer for evening wear?
A: Casual wear. If the occasion is formal, then I go for suits.

Q: What about night wear?
A: Most of the times I wear shorts at night.

Q: Do you adorn yourself with accessories?
A: No, I don’t. And I think men should not stick to accessories. Females should definitely go for it as they can really carry off accessories well. I just have a Sai Baba ka kara, because I believe in Sai Baba and a locket. I don’t even like wearing watches. If I ever wear one, it has to be either a Rolex or a Bertling. They are my favourites.

Q: Which brand do you favour for footwear?
A: In India, you don’t get good footwear for men. I like Kenneth Cole, Zara and I feel even Hugo Boss have a nice collection. For sports shoes, I prefer Puma and Adidas as they have nice funky styling. The Bangalore Puma store has a nice collection.

Q: Which is the latest perfume that you bought?
A: I bought Calvin Klein’s Euphoria. Its musky fragrance is just perfect for men.

Q: Which colours do you think are must-haves in any wardrobe?
A: Black and white are musts and a man can never go wrong with them. So, one should have T-shirts and even shirts in both these colours. A nice fitted jeans is also a must. A belt that fits your attitude and nice pair of shoes are must-haves. Last but not the least, a nice pair of sunglasses adds a lot of style.

-Jayant Mishra (SAMPURN)

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