Musical extravaganza with Mega Challenge


They had become household names when they shimmered the small screens…they enthralled audiences through the years with their outstanding talent and scintillating performances…and now they are back to capture hearts once again.They are none other than the ‘best of the best participants’ of the past seasons of ‘SaReGaMaPa’ Meet them in all new series – ‘Hero Honda SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge’ as the talented ex-participants outwit each other and create at musical delight for the viewers of the reality show from 30th October.

As SaReGaMaPa approaches the 1000th episodes of the celebrating music and the singing talent of the country, Zee TV launches ‘Hero Honda SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge’ which would be a seven weekslong brawl between eight teams, representing eight different states and would consist of one captain and two participants. The best four teams then would head towards the semi-finals thus concluding the finale on December 12 leading the 1000th episode of the show.

All the past participants, winners and also those who had started their remarkable journey on the stage, would be invited at the gala do. The who’s who of the music industry would come to bless the winners and participants of the ‘Hero Honda SaReGaMaPa Mega Challenge’



Rajasthan: Raja Hassan, Priyanka Maalya and Dilshad.

Gujarat: Parthiv, Prachi and Deepali.

Maharashtra: Vaishali, Rohit and Kaushik.

Punjab: Tarun, Rohanpreet and Mitika.

M.P: Pratibha, Amir Hafiz and Sumedha.

U.P: Twinkle, Hemant and Poonam.

Kolkatta: Abhjeet Ghoshal, Sanchita and Keka.

Assam: Joy, Anamika and Abhigyan.

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