Music Mania: Kirti Gaikwad


Q. Which songs are you enjoying most these days?
A. At present I am enjoying listening to Gulabi aankhe jo teri dekhi…

Q. Which film songs from the recent releases have appealed you most?
A. From the recent releases the songs from Tashan has appealed me a lot.

Q. What do you like most; Original or Remix..?
A. I prefer listening to Original songs.

Q. Which are your all time favorite songs?
A. I like Jara jara mehek ta he…, Lagja gale…, Ye hasin wadiyan ye khula aasman from Roja, Naina from omkara…, and Tu bin bataye mujhe le chal kahin…

Q. Which are your favorite romantic songs?
A. Actually I am a die-heart romantic person. I like lagja gale.., and Jab kabhi muskil ho dagar mujhe tham loge…

Q. Which opinion is most close to your heart – Today’s songs are better than oldies, Today’s songs are as good as oldies had been or Today’s songs are worse than oldies.
A. I will to go with the second one; today’s songs are as good as oldies…

Q. How do you look at the concept- old is gold?
A. Well, old is gold concept is actually right because the songs from old are not faded away in the cost of time. The new things keep coming, but still old exists and it has its special value.
Swati Dey (Sampurn)

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