Music Ka Maha Muqqabla-Holi Episode-Star Plus TV Show-March 28

Music Ka Maha Muqqabla, the Star Plus TV Show will have a special Holi episode on Sunday, March 28 at 9 pm.The show will have 4 rounds of muqablas, Amne Samne, Jugalbandi, Mix, Aar Paar.

February 25, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Music Ka Maha Muqqabla, the Star Plus TV Show will have a special Holi episode on Sunday, March 28 at 9 pm.The show will have 4 rounds of muqablas, Amne Samne, Jugalbandi, Mix, Aar Paar.

The show by Saibaba Telefilms will bring its last semi-final round between Shreya’s Superstars Vs. Shaan’s Strikers that night.

This episode was doubly special for both, Shaan’s Strikers and Shreya’s Superstars, because the festival of Holi was being celebrated on the sets of Music ka Maha Muqqabla. All the captains were dressed in white and entered the stage singing “Rang Barse”. But the whites did not remain squeaky-clean for too long as we quickly saw the captains throwing colors on each other. To add to the color and flavor of Holi, we had the famous Bhojpuri singer Manoj Tiwari to support Shreya’s team and Ravi Kishan to support Shaan’s team.

ROUND 1: Muqqabla Aamne-Saamne

Shaan’s Strikers couldn’t have had a better option than Anweshaa to start their innings in their last semi-final match. Once again, Anweshaa, with her song, “Tumhari adaaon pe”, made her captain proud. The judges were almost speechless after this performance. Himesh was so touched by her performance that he offered her an opportunity to sing a song in one of his upcoming films. Ujjaini from Shreya’s team came up with a totally different song “Mausam ki Adla badli” but nevertheless gave equally good competition to Anweshaa. Some light humor by the two Bhojpuri boys kept the spirit of Holi alive throughout the show.

ROUND 2: Muqqabla Jugalband

In this round too, both the teams had their two strong players pitted against each other. Aabhaas from Shreya’s team and Debojit from Shaan’s team came down to do the jugalbandi on “Aane waala pal”. With their different tonal qualities and pitch, they were able to impress the judges gradually throughout their performance.

ROUND 3: Tata Docomo Muqqabla Mix

Both the teams were determined to win this Muqqabla and this was quite evident in this round. This turned out to be a captain vs. captain round, as Shaan pitted against Shreya for this one. Shreya came first and, as always, gave a stupendous performance on “Dola re Dola”. But it seemed Shaan also did not want to repeat history for his team and did not think twice before coming on stage to sing “Dus Bahane”. Shaan said, ”he was enjoying the flavour of Holi but, at the same time, winning was very important for him.”

ROUND 4: Muqqabla Dil Se

The competition was undoubtedly getting tougher as both the captains once again appeared against each other. Shaan, along with his most trustworthy singer, Anweshaa, came to sing “Tum aa gaye ho”. Shaan said that, whenever he sang romantic numbers, it was always for his wife and this too was a dedication to her. Shreya also did not waste any opportunity of making her team win this Muqqabla and walked with Aneek to sing her favorite song “Teri Ore”. All the captains gave a standing ovation, especially to Aneek, because they thought that he was outstanding. Himesh also said that “Aneek was one of his favorite singers in the competition”.

ROUND 5: Muqqabla Aar-Paar

This match was a do-or-die situation for both Shaan’s Strikers and Shreya’s Superstars. Shaan’s Strikers came first to perform in the last round. The festivities of the season were once again brought to the fore by the Holi medley that Shaan’s team performed. They sang various songs, ranging from “aaj na chhodenge”, “Holi ke din” to the latest “do me a favor”. Shreya’s Superstars once again emerged on the stage with a forceful message with their medley. They had a well-knit medley based on peace and they sang beautiful numbers like “Noor-e-Khuda”, “Ekla Chalo” and “Heal the world”. Their medley touched the hearts of many and gave across a very potent message which is the need of the hour too.

After a heated Muqqabla between the two, which one of the two teams enjoys the colorful victory? Tune into Star plus at 9pm this Sunday to watch a colorful Holi special episode of Music Ka Maha Muqqabla.

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