Music band Shadows to blur boundaries with new genre called world progressive sounds

New Delhi, May 10 (Calcutta Tube) Rajan Adlakha and Vineet Malhotra, who came together to form the band Shadows, have now come up with a new musical genre called world progressive sounds which brings together instruments from across the world. And they hope the efforts will blur musical boundaries.

‘I have coined this genre. In this genre, we have put together instruments from all over the world. A lot of experimentation has gone into it – for example, you usually do not hear a Spanish guitar with Indian tabla,’ Malhotra told IANS.

‘With this genre we are trying to blur the boundaries and this is something that will appeal to the sensibilities of people all around the world,’ he added.

Both Malhotra and Adlakha are from Delhi and met at a reunion party of Delhi Public School (R.K. Puram) and eventually they floated their band last year.

Malhotra, a pro at playing classical piano, is also a writer and a model. Adlakha is an architect by profession.

The duo is working on an album slated to be out around July this year. ‘We are working on our album that will have 8-10 tracks,’ said Malhotra.

Shadows were the second runners-up at the Asia Pacific Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA) 2010 and the only Indians to get that award till now.

So any plans of joining Bollywood?

‘We would love to explore Bollywood but not by compromising on our creativity. Film music has become quite stale. We want to work on a project where we can bring about freshness,’ he said.

And why a name like Shadows?

‘Our first song was Shadows. It got so stuck in our heads that we decided to keep this our name. Also both of us are each other’s shadow. Music is not complete without him and vice-versa, so it quite goes with our situation,’ Malhota said.

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