‘Murali Meets Meera’ a must watch (Kannada Movie Review)

Film: ‘Murali Meets Meera’; Cast: Prajwal, Reema Worah, Harshika Poonachcha, Sharan and others; Writer-Director: Mahesh Rao; Producer: Yogish Hunasur; Dialgoue-writer: Shankar Billemane and Mahesh Rao: Music Director: Abhiman Roy; Camera: Jai Anand; Rating: ***

‘Murali Meets Meera’ takes you through a happy and tumultuous journey of two characters Murali and Meera. The script is not so great, but what makes the film appealing is the way in which director Mahesh Rao focuses on the feelings and emotions of the two characters who meet accidentally in the beginning, but in the end they feel it was inevitable for them to be together.

It’s a one night story that strikes a positive note at the dawn. The film starts off with Murali’s determination to commit suicide after being dejected in love. He meets an innocent looking Meera who embarrasses him with her childish pranks. But as the film progresses, he shares his past with Meera who empathises with him.

Slowly Meera makes Murali understand that there is no point in brooding over the past and that he should move on. Later Meera reveals her past, which shocks Murali.

The highlight of the film is the climax and the sequences leading to it. Mahesh Rao has succeeded in narrating this important part quite well as a result climax turns out to be gripping and touching.

The dialogues by Shankar Billemane and Rao stand out in the last few reels. Though the film has been made with a tighter budget, Rao has been able to create a big impact with his impressive narration in the second half. Two songs are well composed and well picturised.

The film looks realistic and natural and the audience will surely feel they have met characters like Murali and Meera in their lives and could relate to many incidents in the film.

But the film suffers because of the excessive dialogues in the first half, which are often repetitive. The slower pace in the first half often tests the patience of the viewers. The first half and the beginning of the second half drags.

But the film makes a big impact in the climax and the flaws are easily forgotten. The director has chosen the cast perfectly and the three young artists have shown a lot of earnestness in their performances. Prajwal has several sequences to prove that he has improved as an actor and has used the opportunity to the best of his abilities.

Reema Worah perfectly suits the role and her dazzling performance strengthens the believability factor in the story. Harshika Poonachcha comes out good in a cute role. Sharan’s comedy is entertaining.

Jai Anand’s camera work is competent, while Abhiman Roy’s effective background score enhances the quality of the film.

‘Murali Meets Meera’ is a sincere and honest effort by the film’s entire artists and technicians. Go for it.

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