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Apartment is a 2010 Hindi movie directed by Jagmohan Mundra with Neetu Chandra, Tanushree Dutta, Rohit Roy, Anupam Kher in lead roles. Read the film review at CalcuttaTube.

Apartment is a 2010 Hindi movie directed by Jagmohan Mundra with Neetu Chandra, Tanushree Dutta, Rohit Roy, Anupam Kher in lead roles. Read the film review at CalcuttaTube.

Film: ‘Apartment‘;

Starring: Neetu Chandra, Tanushree Dutta, Rohit Roy, Anupam Kher;

Directed by: Jagmohan Mundhra;

Movie Review by IANS

Rating: *

Mundhra’s ‘Apartment’ reads like a frighteningly disembodied episode, neither passionate nor bloody enough to qualify as a genuine slasher flick, of a television mini-series built around the theme of suburban loneliness. We’ve seen many films on the theme of what Mumbai does to the outsider. This one, by its own subverted logic, shows the outsider, a mentally disturbed girl from rural Maharashtra, creating havoc in a neatly-arrange spick-and-span apartment block somewhere in downtown Mumbai.

Neetu Chandra is the life and death of this almost inert suspense thriller. She acts strange and with reason. Her character suffers from acute insecurities. Neetu makes her home in chic air-hostess Tanushree Dutta’s home and resents the city girl’s debonair boyfriend (Rohit Roy, seeming to enjoy his part).

The build-up is a little too slow for a slasher-movie (apartment gone to the devil!). By the time the payback is on, we are much too distracted by the trivial atmospherics and incidental characters played by guys and women who seem to have been rejected in fashion shows in the first round itself.

The four principal characters hold together the unhurried plot. Anupam Kher as Tanushree’s poet neighbour is an engaging diversion. Other distractions like a tacky item song and intermittent song breaks choreographed like a high-school function, are a huge impediment.

It’s Neetu’s show all the way. The girl knows how to hold an expression without looking like she was doing it for effect. Wish there was more to hold up her performance. Most of the time she performs in a vacuum.

Lately Jagmohan Mundhra made films like ‘Provoked’ and ‘Shoot On Sight’ which had a point to make. In ‘Apartment’ he strolls back into the province of the pointless.


Movie Review by Sampurn

Verdict: Apartment-Another blatant rip off!

Rating: 1.5 out of 5*

One fails to understand why our Hindi filmmakers are all set to ruin the thriller genre by only coming out with blatant rip offs of foreign flicks! While it is a different argument all together whether it is ethical or not, why make a laughing stock of yourself by exposing your unoriginality by being so desperate? If you are willing to spare crores in making a film why not spend some more money and hire a good original writer? The latest such case is this week’s release, Jagmohan Mundhra’s Apartment which is lifted from 1992 Hollywood hit Single White Female.

Airhostess Preeti (Tanushree) is having a live in relationship with her boyfriend Karan (Rohit Roy). But after she mistakenly suspects him of being unfaithful to her, she breaks off with him and kicks him out of their apartment. However she soon realizes that paying the monthly installments for their apartment is getting difficult for her, on advice of her colleagues she advertises for a tenant to share her apartment. Preeti chooses Neha Bharadwaj (Neetu Chandra) a small town, shy girl as her tenant. Neha leaves Preeti impressed with her ever helpful and unassuming nature. The two end up being very good friends. But things are not what they appear to be. Neha starts showing her true colours revealing the murderous streak in her nature. Neha tries to halt Karan’s attempts to patch up with Preeti . Even goes to the extent of killing their neighbor Madhusudan’s (Kher) cat. Things soon start going more out of hand for Preeti as she now feels threatened for her life!

If Jagmohan Mundhra has attempted to bring forth the dangers faced by many young, urban professionals who share houses with strangers then he has failed disastrously on this count because of the cinematic liberties taken. Also schizophrenia seems to be the latest disease to have caught fancy of many makers nowadays! The portions depicting Neha’s childhood and the reasoning behind her odd behavior appears convincing to a point but not such that she would go berserk on a killing spree.

Tanushree Dutta’s acting is okay whereas Rohit Roy barely gets any scope. He is monotonous in his acting as always. Making good use of her facial expressions and body language, Neetu Chandra impresses with her act though. Anupam Kher is good as always.

Bappa Lahiri’s music is plain average but background score is good. Despite its almost under two hours running time, Apartment appears stretched.

For those who haven’t watched Single White Female, Apartment may be an okay watch because of the turn it takes after Neha’s behavior change. Don’t expect much thrilling moments though.

-Sampurn Wire

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