Mumtaz Sorcar talks about Bhooter Bhobishyot-Bengali Film

December 26, 2010, Kolkata/Tollywood (Calcutta Tube): Mumtaz Sorcar is one of the talented new actors to step into the Tollywood (Bengali film industry). IBNS correspondent Supriyo Hazra caught up with magician PC Sorcar’s daughter on the sets of ‘Bhooter Bhobishyot‘ in Kolkata, where she shared her experiences of acting in the film. Excerpts.

Mumtaz Sorcar
Mumtaz Sorcar

Tell us something on the character you are portraying in the film?
This story is all about ghosts. Each ghosts portrayed in the movie represent a particular era. I am representing 21st century being the 21st century ghost. The kind of things I do in the movie is strikingly contrasted to the other ghosts. The film portrays a fight between the ghosts and the fit will survive. There are lots of twists in the movie which one will need to understand.
Is this a comedy or a scary movie?
This is a complete comedy film. The characters, I mean the ghosts, are like Casper, they are not here to scare people. But they are scaring certain people for existence.
How did you become a part of this ghost-tale?
Actually, it cane suddenly and dropped into my lap. Anik da (Anik Dutta, the director of the film) called me up and spoke about the film and my character. Once I heard the script, I was ready to be a part of the project.
Tell us about the costume you will be wearing in the film?
The costume is similar to the ones I wear generally. For me it is not much different. But Swastika Mukherjee will be seen in a completely new look in the movie. The dialect she is using is completely different. She is representing a completely different era. But for me it is same as I am showing the 21st century.
We see you working more in non-commercial films. Is it deliberate?
It is not deliberate. It is coincidental that the scripts I like are not completely commercial. Rather you can say that I am working between two sides. But, if I get a really good commercial script, then I will do.
Was ‘Musolmanir Golpo’ the best film you did in your career so far?
In case of character, yes, ‘Musolmanir Galpo’ is the best. My character in ‘033’ was an urban character, so considering that the character of ‘Musolmanir Galpo’ was different. She was completely not me. I had to work hard to portray her the character.

Is it true that you do your own stunts?
I try to do my own stunts as far as possible. I am developing myself and learning more techniques so that I can do more difficult stunts in my future films.
What are your upcoming projects?
My upcoming film is ‘ Sudhu Tomake Chai’.Then I have also played the role of ‘Debolina’ in the ’Kakababu’ series for Mahuaa. I have worked in three films of that series which includes names like ‘Rajbarir Rahasyo’, ‘Sindhuk Rahasyo’. The experience of ‘Rajbariri Rahasyo’ was something very new and challenging to me.
Who is your favourite director?
I have no favourite director or script writer. From the point of seniority, I am too young to mark them. Every one has his/her own individuality. I have learnt a lot from each of them.
You are portraying a ghost in the film. Are you scared of them?
I love horror films. I get scared at times too. But at that time I try to find out the ‘sherni’ (tigress) out of me. But frankly speaking, I don’t enjoy the films like I used to do in the past as now I watch the films from the perspective of an actor and a critic. The experience of watching a film has changed a lot. However, I have learnt a lot as well.

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