Mumbai music lovers enjoy ‘Cry Freedom’ music concert

Mumbai, Sept 5 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS) Music lovers were in for a treat  on Sunday at Mumbai’s 1st ever 12-hour Live concert ‘Cry Freedom’ conceptualized by music network Indigo Live, in partnership  with Hard Rock Café .

With an ensemble of artists from diverse genres, music lovers experienced the best of performances by the hugely talented and distinctive Indian musical talent.
The 12-hour unbridled Live concert enthralled the audience with the impressive line-up of stellar performances, all bundled into a one spectacular musical treat at one stop music destination- Hard Rock café, known for its association with rock music.

Indus Creed, Gary Lawyer, Afflatus- an all girl band, Blackstratblues, Boomerang, Salil Bhatt’s performance alongside renowned sand artist, Sudarshan Patnaik who designed a sand art depicting his views of freedom received overwhelming response.

Also, Jazz Mac Duo, Adil & Vasundhara, D- Company, Chandresh Kudwa, Anushka Jagtiani, Luke Kenny, Spook, Jishnu Guha, Hoodwink Circle, Blakc and Ramone Ibrahim put up a great show.
The concert was hosted by Luke Kenny which ended with the bands coming together for Freedom jam singing the anthem ‘Cry Freedom’ originally sung by David Mathews.

Living up to the slogan ‘Music for a revolution’, Cry Freedom Concert, a property conceptualized, produced and promoted by Indigo live, is a celebration of the expression of freedom through live music and arts. In this day and age freedom no longer means independence from a colonial power.

Freedom to the youth of today has different connotations and means different things to different people: freedom from corruption, freedom to choose a career, freedom to live the way one wants to, freedom to earn, freedom to enjoy music, films, dance and other arts without too much censorship, or something as simple as the freedom to go out and party without too many restrictions.

UNAIDS is partnering with Indigo Live to host a series of events centered around the communication of UNAIDS objectives in India, starting with Cry Freedom concert.

At the Cry Freedom concert, 19 artists/bands from different parts of the country came together to celebrate freedom with 12 hours of unrestricted live music.
The concert was webcast live on social media and select Digital OOH screens at key locations like Multiplexes, Malls, Gyms and Mumbai Domestic Airport (arrivals).

Cry Freedom, Shom Jagtiani – Director & COO, Indigo Live Pvt. Ltd. said, “India today is a relatively free and open society; what we need to do is make more efforts to sustain and develop these qualities. We need to reach out to issues from a profound understanding of the deeply interconnected nature of today’s world. As we know, music has always had the power to draw and unite people together.

“Hence, keeping this in mind, we have built a property that everyone can relate to and celebrate the freedom from various struggles, with Live music. We are extremely thrilled and excited to bring to you the Cry Freedom concert and it’s our privilege to have UNAIDS support this initiative”

Jay Singh, Co-founder and Executive Director JSM Corporate Pvt Ltd, said: “The Cry Freedom Concert truly embodies the spirit of celebrating the expression of freedom. Enveloped with refreshing and heart rending voice, all music lovers will be entrenched in the unhindered 12-hr nonstop LIVE concert.”

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