MTV targets mobile generation with tech-savvy ‘Crunch’ show

Mumbai, April 19 (Calcutta Tube) With the youth getting hooked onto iPhones and social networking sites, MTV has decided to target this tech savvy segment with its new reality show ‘Crunch’, where the interaction will be via the Internet and mobile services.

‘We started a reality wave in India with ‘Roadies’ and now we are once again starting something very powerful. Cross-media and interactive content is the future. ‘MTV Crunch’ is a 24-hour reality show for Internet and mobile audiences, while a daily

one-hour show will be aired on TV,’ channel head Aditya Swamy told IANS.

‘Suddenly, TV has become the smallest medium of all as Internet and mobile services are taking over the visibility and maximum time of the audience,’ he said.

In the show, 10 pairs will be locked up for four weeks in a room, which will become smaller everyday. It will provide 720-hours of non-stop drama packed into 30 days.

When asked about the concept, Swamy explained: ‘The concept of the show reflects the recent times in which the urban people are living. There was a time when we used to live in big houses and did not have to compromise on accommodation. But now, in the urban jungle, we all fight for our space and try to accommodate ourselves in small apartments.’

‘The second issue that we are trying to reflect is the way we people share houses with strangers. The show will bring strangers together and test their compatibility to survive in a room, which will be crunched and reduced every day.’

The show brings a mix-and-match of aspiring and established actors, singers, dance choreographers, theatre actors and fashion designers.

Asked what’s next on MTV’s platter, he said: ‘MTV is launching three new shows this month. First on the list is ‘Crunch’, which is a home-grown concept. The second is ‘True Life – Real People, Real Stories’ which is a docu-reality show. It will capture the reality and the dichotomy in the lives of 10 young people who have two sides to their personality.’

‘We will also launch ‘MTV Grind’ by the end of this month. We are also hosting ‘MTV Age of Sinnocence’, the youth marketing forum, on April 29. As of now, this is all that we have for the month of April.’

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