Mr. Fantoosh (2008)

Mr. Fantoosh (2008)
Released on: October 2, 2008
Director: Raj Mukherjee
Cast: Prosenjit (in double role) , Rachana Banerjee, Malanika, Angshuman, Hara Pattanaik

Bottomline: A deadly Action Film for all Prosenjit Fans.

Mr. Fantoosh
Mr. Fantoosh

Short Review:
Mr. Fanroosh is another movie for the lovers of Macho Prosenjit. Yes, he is in a double role after some again! The first Prosenjit is a young and simple engineer who does not know nasty tricks in human life. He falls in love with Rachana Banerjee and started romancing around gardens when the villain Hara Pattanaik kills him due to his role in a illegal real-estate project. Prosenjit 2 comes into picture with the dialogue “Ami Mari Ekdin, aar Batha Thake Tinso Poinshotti Din”! However, the movie is proper for a die hard Prosenjit fan who wants to see Prosenjit in eary twenties while he is some forty plus but still manages to do hardcore action and comedy at the same time.  The ending of the film is full of drama. When the “crimilal hero Mr. Fantoosh Prosenjit” turns out to be a police officer and who finally recovers “innocent Palash Prosenjit” in a wheelchair!

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