Chase (2010)-Hindi Movie Review

Chase is a 2010 Hindi movie directed by Jagmohan Mundhra with Anuuj Saxena, Udita Goswami, Tarina Patel, Samir Kochhar, Rajesh Khattar, Gulshan Grover in lead roles. Read the film review at CalcuttaTube.

May 3, 2010 (Calcutta Tube): Chase is a 2010 Hindi movie directed by Jagmohan Mundhra with Anuuj Saxena, Udita Goswami, Tarina Patel, Samir Kochhar, Rajesh Khattar, Gulshan Grover in lead roles. Read the film review at CalcuttaTube.

Starring: Anuuj Saxena, Udita Goswami, Tarina Patel, Samir Kochhar, Rajesh Khattar and Gulshan Grover

Director: Jagmohan Mundhra

Movie Review by Sampurn

Chase- Is a tame thriller

Rating: 1.5 out of 5*

It was just last week, with the release of Jagmohan Mundhra’s Apartment we spoke about Bollywood filmmakers destroying the thriller genre by only coming out with blatant rip offs of foreign flicks or non exciting plotlines. After watching this week’s new release Chase yet another misdirected venture by Mundhra, we wish to plead to the makers that stop murdering this genre! A couple of pathetic twists and sleazy sequences don’t necessarily make a thriller.

Justifying its title, the film begins with a chase. Cops are chasing a terrorist, one Sohail Ansari (Anuuj Saxena). Though they eventually capture him, he gets injured in the proceedings. He is diagnosed with an illness called locked in syndrome and is sent to a neurological research centre so that he gets cured and spews out the names. An attractive nurse Nupur (Udita Goswami) wants to prove that Sohail is faking his illness and acting. She therefore tries to wake him up with her strip tease act. She even pushes him into the river which results in Sohail finally waking up. The rest of the film is all about what truth Sohail is carrying about a political murder and how he manages to prove his innocence to everyone.

If Jagmohan Mundhra’s direction is pure bad, the script of the film is plain ridiculous.

Anuuj Saxena’s hard work is noticeable and he succeeds in impressing. One just wishes he gets a good script to justify his talent. Udita Goswami yet again exposes (apart from her body) her limited acting range. Playing Anuuj’s journalist girlfriend in the film, Tarina Patel’s cleavage gets more scope than her acting prowess. Samir Kochhar and Rajesh Khattar provide adequate support. Gulshan Grover despite getting limited scope leaves his mark. Shammi Kapoor’s son Aditya Raj Kapoor doesn’t share the acting talent his rest family members have.

None of the technical departments impress much. Vijay Verma’s music too has no recall value. The title song seems to be lifted from BEP’s Pump It.

Chase is one of those utterly forgettable films that keep releasing at regular intervals in Bollywood and are the reason why the flop ratio in the industry is so high. So just don’t even bother to waste your efforts of going to the cinema hall for this one.

-Sampurn Wire

Movie Review by IANS

Verdict- Chase- a thriller without fizz

Rating: * 1/2

Let the chase begin. The opening chase, which lasts approximately 10 minutes, is among the best slickness-on-skids situation styled for a Hindi film. And full marks to the people behind it. But soon after this pulse-racing start our hero, who also happens to be the film’s producer, slips into a coma. Er….and so does the film.

Never quite sure of whether it wants to be a slick thriller or an espionage adventure saga the narrative just collapses in a heap of ineptly conceived situations about corrupt officials and honest investigators.

The outer-limit of ludicrousness is the nurse, played by the pretty Udita Goswami, in the shortest of skirts, trying to bring alive the comatose hero by slithering and sliding all over his inert body.

Wish someone would do a seductive dance over the narration.

Chase never quite overcomes the cheesy impulse, moving from one absurd episode to another, not quite the pacy thriller that one would think the introductory chase would lead us into.

To his credit Jagmohan Mundhra films some of the later stunts with some style. However the overall impression is that of a tired fugitive giving his shadow the chase.

The performances are uniformly amateurish. The cast includes the legendary Shammi Kapoor’s son Aditya Raj Kapoor playing the kind of shady tycoon that went out of style with the action-dramas of Rajiv Rai.

Here’s a film that has plenty of skidding wheels and is constantly on the movie.

But it still fails to move us. Except out of our seats for hastily moving towards the nearest exit for some fresh air.

Speaking of the great outdoors, there’s a romantic song, totally out of place, shot picturesquely in Jammu and Kashmir.

Wish the rest of the over-edited film also had some breathing place.


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