Move apex court if centre unjust: Congress

Gandhinagar, March 9 (IANS) Shaktisinh Gohil, leader of the Congress opposition in the Gujarat assembly, Tuesday told the Narendra Modi government to move the Supreme Court if it felt that the central government was doing injustice to the state.

The recent Gujarat government charges of ‘injustice’ by the United Progressive Alliance (UPA)-run central government were baseless, he said.

Speaking on the budgetary demands in the assembly, Gohil said Gujarat was getting Rs.4,000 crore from central tax during the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) rule. It stands increased to Rs.6,600 crore during the UPA rule, he added.

‘Farmers were getting 15,695 million units of electricity when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) came to power in Gujarat. This has come down to 11,733 million units now, a cut of over 4,000 million units. On the other hand, electricity made available from the Centre has increased from 13,534 million units to 20,378 million units,’ the Congress leader said.

‘As per the guidelines of the special component plan, seven percent of the total plan should be spent for Dalits as they constitute seven per cent of the population in the state. In 2008-09 budget, Rs.1,400 crore should have been provided for Dalits as the outlay of the state budget was Rs.21,000 crore,’ he added.

Gohil said that in the social sector, a sum of Rs.64,220 lakh remaint unspent and yet the state blamed the central government for injustice to Gujarat.

He questioned why the Gujarat government did not move the Supreme Court for redressal of their grievances if it was convinced that the central government was doing injustice to the state.

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