Monitors to oversee minority welfare programmes

New Delhi, Aug 9 (IANS) The government has appointed 150 monitors to oversee the implementation of various minority welfare programmes which have a budget of Rs.3,780 crore.

‘Retired deputy secretary level officers have been appointed. They will go to the districts time to time and monitor the progress of the programmes,’ Minority Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid informed the Rajya Sabha.

He said while the recommendations of the Sacchar committee were being implemented, that Ranganath Mishra Commission’s recommendations were being considered.

‘The programmes are being implemented so that minority communities have higher access to credit, education and scholarship, and have more opportunities of employment,’ Khurshid said.

The minister also informed that among the 90 districts identified for the programmes, 66 have Muslim minorities, 13 have Christians, 10 have Buddhists and one has Sikkhs.

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