Mon Niye (2010) Bengali Movie Review

Mon Niye is a 2010 Bengali Movie directed by Swapan Saha. The film has young stars – Rishi and Subhra Kundu in lead roles with Rajatabha doing his typical character. Check out the Critic’s review of the Bengali Film MON NIYE!

Mon Niye- Swapan Saha Movie

Mon Niye- Swapan Saha Movie


  • Film: Mon Niye
  • Direction: Swapan Saha
  • Music: Zubin Garg
  • Cast: Rishi, Subhra Kundu, Rajatava and Sagar

Swapan Saha, the filmmaker who can always claim his place in the Guinness Book of World Records for completing the largest number of feature films within the shortest span of time, is a very confident man indeed. He does not believe in press previews. He openly says that the Press may not like his films but he does not make it for them. He makes it for the masses and so long as they crowd in, the critics do not bother him. Of late however, he has gone a bit lax on his quickie strategy and does not stick to making too many films. The mass adulation of his films is probably on a downswing no thanks to the relative newcomers he features in some of them.

Mon Niye Bengali Film

Mon Niye Bengali Film

Mon Niye is one such film where he has, as if, pulled out the names of his relatively new romantic leads at random out of a glass jar and tried to make a film with them. Mon Niye is a straightforward Bengali duplication of Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein starring Madhavan, Diya Mirza and Saif Ali Khan in the main roles. The film collapses soon after it begins because the new trio is not a patch on their originals. The three, namely Rishi, Subhra and Joy desperately need acting lessons for at least one year before they dare to face the camera again. There was a time when Uttam Kumar, at the peak of his career, learnt wrestling at an akhra in Kolkata in preparation for a character that new wrestling. Today’s youngsters simply bank on their pretty faces and actually believe that they can deliver either separately, or together or, at least as a team.

Other than Zubin Garg’s musical score, there is little to talk about this film and it can easily be given a miss whether you have already seen the original Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein or whether you haven’t.

BY: Shoma A. Chatterji

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  1. soma says:

    mon niye good film

  2. observer says:

    wanted more and more bengali films like Mon Niye (2010) and Olot Palot(2009) with Rishi Roy’s wonderful artistic presence and dance.

  3. abcdef says:

    welcome to the filmography of the artist Rishi Roy (Mon Niye)

  4. observer says:

    wanted more and more bengali films of Rishi Roy.

  5. Abul khayer akash says:

    Arokom film r dekhini.thank u. Rishi i wanna a fan of

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