Mon Maane Na (2008) – Bengali Movie

Mon Maane Na (2008) – is another romantic Bengali Movie starring Deb and Koel Mullick. The music/songs of Mon Mane Na has already been a hit. The movie is doing excellent in Cinema Halls. The Magic of DEB has worked again. Review the movie, leave comments.

Mon Maane Na (2008) – Bengali Movie
Released on :     December 5th, 2008
Language/Type :     Bengali /U/A
Cast: Deb, Koel Mullick
DIRECTOR: Sujit Guha
Acreenplay: N.K. Salil
Music: Jeet Ganguly
Lyric: Gautam Susmit, Priyo Chattopadhyay
Produced by: Surindar Films

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Mon Maane Na (2008)
Mon Maane Na (2008)



Deb and Koel is a very successful pair in Tollywood recently. Their first venture “Premer Kahini” produced by Shree Venkatesh Films was a blockbuster. Deb plays “Rahul” while Koel Mullick plays “Ria” in the movie. They meet with each other while travelling to Siligudi. Koel is rinning away from home to meet her boyfriend. The movie captures the scenic beauty of Darjeeling. Rahul is a thief (a so called “good” thief). He is travelling to Darjeeling to sell his treasure. On the way, Deb and Keol encounters each other rather closely, emotionally and help each other multiple times. Thereby they come close without knowing about it very much.

Sounds like a SEEN film? Oh yes. This is the Bengali version of the SUPERHIT hindi movie “Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha” in 1998 that featured Ajay Devgan and Kajol. We wish both Deb and Keol pays proper tribute to the original film!

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283 thoughts on “Mon Maane Na (2008) – Bengali Movie

  1. ami maon manne na flim ta dakheci amar khob bhalo theke amar priyo actor hohe gache deb.
    dev and koel[img]dev and koel[/img]

  2. thank admin brother,
    tumi as soon as possible tar interview ta release karo ami appekkhai thakchi,
    ami jani se matir manush……
    ar akta katha tomake, tumi jakhone age deb dar interview nite jao ta amader ke janiyechile. kintu koel er janno age keno janao ni, tomar ata uchit chilo, fale amio susmita, paromita der mato tomake koel ke deoar janno best wishes diye ditam.. ami akta baro sujoge miss korlam.
    ami koel ke msg korleo se kono reply dei na tai ami khub dukkhito…
    accha ok bye…sabai bhalo theko….
    ar happy projatanto dibos…………………………… to all of you….

    1. Saurav,
      Koel is a big name and I am none. So, with Koel we called and had the interview right then. With Dev, we called a night before. He was busy that time so he asked me to call the next day. You may see that when I posted my announcement I mentioned I only have 12 hrs for you all to ask any questions to DEV.

      My next interview will be with Koel’s Dad Ranjit Mullick. I am very scared about it. Please help us with some great questions for Ranjit Mulick.

  3. admin da, ok i realise you. so i tell u, jodi tumi pore kakhono tar interview nao tabe akbar janio…..
    ami tar bishal bishal baro fan,she is my one and only star. so plz.
    accha tumi ki amai kono site, ba id bolte parbe, jar madhyame ami koel er sathe kichu chat korte parbo….plz tumi to net niye busy thako,ami jani tumi must jano….plz amai seti dio….i can’t xpress you my feeling….plz….
    ok bye….

  4. i hav seen d film….it is vry fresh,sweet nd cute luvstry…bengali films r again rising 4rm d ashes…

  5. really outstanding movie with awesome chemistry of Dev and Koel and really enchanting songs to hear……

    With compliments for both of them….

  6. I’m a new follower of Dev. I Just want To Say That I Love Your Movies & Your Style Of Talking, Walking, Dancing and Everything.
    Dev, if You Are Watching My Message Then I Request You Please Mail Me. I Want To Be Your Friend. Please Reply. I’ll Wait For Your Sweet Note.
    Stay Happy And Stay Forward. Our Best Wishes Are Always With You.
    Happy Valentines Day. We Love You DEV.

  7. hi deb i m a great fan of u & i love ur films , your acting very much . deb i want to be ur frnd . wil u b???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  8. I’m d hardcore fan of you…..,coz i love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much. will you be my life partner…? ohh,dev…..come to me….I want to see you just for a one time in my life. ur big fan Mamomita

  9. hiiiiiiiii…….i wanna watch the mon amne na film,,,,,,,kothai pabo?,,,,,in net……..bcoz i live in qatar,.m not getting the film to watch in net,help me plz

  10. Hi everyone!!!! I am also a huge fan of DEV. I just think his really cute and adorable. I really want to watch the movie MON MANE NA,,does anyone know where i can watch it?,,and how can i contact dev,,,

  11. Hey moumita thanks for your reply. I appceriated.
    achcha since ankan bashu took interview of Dev He must have know deb contact infor?
    I guess I cant never share this with Deb 🙁

  12. I like dev and Koel a lottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. And I am haunting for a link where I can watch the movie “mon mane na”.
    Please Please give me a link where I can watch it.

  13. Dev, i am an dieheart fan of u. i simply go mad when i see u dancing. u r vry cuet. I GT INTRESTED IN TOLLYWOOD when i saw u in bengali films. I LUV U VRY MUCH.

  14. ankan da plzzz
    1ta request korchi
    mon mane na movie theke ”chokhe chokhe ”full gantar lyrics amake mail kore debe?
    plzzzzzzzzzzz ;D

  15. Dev,what 2 say now!!….absolutely a definite fun pakage for viewers….frm his first movie ‘i luv u’ 2 recent ‘challenge’ ,he is totally a fire which cant b stop with even a whole sea….i just luv him….and with koel,i just have a few words “rab ne bana di jodi”…if possible can i have a talk on phone with (asking for his phone no.)…and anyway he is always direct 2 my heart…DEV rocks……

  16. hi evry1 how r u? can any1 plezzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me which website i can watch dis movie plezzzzzzzzz

  17. please let me know the name of female singer who sings chupi bhalobash from film mon maane na

    1. premer-ei neel esharate
      elo melo hawa……….
      moner-e majhe jagalo
      r..o, r..o….chawa
      agun agun, valobasa
      nevale j nevena…ooooooooo
      Mon mane naa……………

      swapno ase, choker vase
      koto asha mone jage
      chena jibon, bodle galo
      r..o..j notun lage
      nesa nesa, valobasay
      dhora ki aj debe naa??
      Mon mane naa……….

      ghum ase na, 2ti chokhe
      jole neve, 2ti tara
      moner majhe choli tobu
      eka lage tumi chara
      kichu ashay, chokher vasahy
      thomke thake kamona………
      Mon mane naa…………….

      1. r 1br gan-ta valo kore sune niyo………..jodi kothaw vul likhe thaki!

        r..reply diyo.
        valo theko

  18. Dev da r Koel di-r acting khub valo legechechilo. erpor ora 1 sathe ki flim kore setai dakhar echye ache………

  19. Ankan da Dev-Koel jutir kono notun flim asche…..emon khobor janle, plz janiyo.

    sobbai khub valo theko….
    tomader notun Bondhu…….Debarshi, from Serampore

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