Mon Bole Priya Priya (2011)-Bengali Movie Review

Mon Bole Priya Priya-Bengali MovieMarch 23, 2011 (Calcutta Tube): Mon Bole Priya Priya is a 2011 Bengali film directed by Milan Bhowmik with Raaj, Pamela, Tapas Pal, Subhashis Mukherjee, Rajatava Dutta and others in the cast. Read the Bengali movie review at Calcutta Tube.


Produced by: Sanjay Kumar Das

Presented by: Weird Industries Limited

Direction: Milan Bhowmik

Story and dialogue: Debashis Basu

Music: Soumitra Kundu

Lyrics: Priyo Chattopadhyay

Cast: Raaj, Pamela, Tapas Pal, Subhashis Mukherjee, Rajatava Dutta, Biplab Chatterjee, Kalyan Chatterjee, Sunil Mukherjee, Anamika Saha, Rita Koiral and Ashish Vidyarthy

Date of release: March 18 2011

Rating: 01/10

Mon Bole Priya Priya-Bengali Movie Arjun (Raaj), a young boy from Sundarpur village, is an orphan who lives with his doting grandmother (Anamika Saha). He is the ‘hero’ of the village though no one knows why or how he is an icon. A plump young girl wearing large, red-ribboned plaits is fidah over him. Arjun goes to the city to attend college but an accident in a car crash wipes out his memory at one go. The brand new car was being driven by Priya (Pamela) who got it as birthday gift from her guardians, Aditya Mallick (Rajatava Dutta) and his wife (Rita Koiral) who is convinced that she looks very attractive in halter-necked and spaghetti-strapped blouses to reveal her fat arms which she wears 24/11. Priya does not have a driving licence but the local police officer Maalpani who is on Mallik’s payroll says nothing will happen! The breaks of the brand new car fail to function because they were doctored by you-know-who.


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Ridden by guilt, Priya admits Arjun to hospital and promptly falls in love with him. When Arjun comes to, he too falls in love and the stage is set for the obstacles Priya’s diabolic guardians set up  to separate the two and more importantly, to get rid of Priya because she is the sole heir of a massive fortune! So what’s new? The script forgets all about Arjun’s amnesia never mind if his poor granny dies of heart failure when there is no news of her grandson lost in the city. He never regains his memory till the end. If you are looking for an original slant, there you have it. Priya is poisoned off in a hurry, Arjun is packed to a mental home while two new characters, an honest DSP (Ashish Vidyarthy) enters with an exaggerated swagger determined to find the truth behind the girl’s death. Arjun runs away from the mental home while being kidnapped by Maalpani’s goons and sets out in search of his lady love. He kidnaps Priya’s  body from some morgue while the second new character,  a kindly doctor (Tapas Pal wearing one of his horrendous wigs) joins forces with the DSP to search for the missing mad-man and his lover’s corpse. Arjun refuses to believe Priya is dead and imagines conversations with her shocking those who see him talking to no one as Priya lies dead. You are now confirmed that Arjun has now gone crazy, not with love, but with the kind that demands institutionalization for life.


Mon Bole Priya Priya surprises the audience with established actors portraying cameos that could have been done by junior artistes. Examples are – Anamika Saha, Biplab Chatterjee, Tapas Pal and even Ashish Vidyarthy whose voice has been mercifully dubbed to cut out his very bad Bengali enunciation. Rajatava and Biplab are good. Two song numbers, the title song that comes in three variations – sad, happy and instrumental and Tumi Ele are really good. Sorry but Raaj remains as unpresentable as he was in his debut film. His screen X-factor is zilch, his voice is no good, his looks are unimpressive and he cannot act or fight or dance. Lots of tomato ketchup takes care of his anger and his angst. Pamela is good at showing off skin and in the seduction act with lots of clinching shots with the hero but that is about all.


Please do not go anywhere near a theatre where Mon Bole Priya Priya is being screened if you have a weak heart. The violence towards the long-drawn, never-ending climax will probably give you a heart attack. This is a tragic love story where the ill-fated lovers die. But they take nearly two hours and a half hours to get  there and by the time they do, you have given up the faintest hope of seeing a ray of light at the end of a dark, dark tunnel.

– Shoma A. Chatterji

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