Mon Amour (2008): Bengali Movie

Mon Amour (2008): Bengali Movie

Mon Amour - Shesher Kabita Revisited
Mon Amour - Shesher Kabita Revisited

Release date: 8th August, 2008
Casts: Tota Roychowdhury, Rituparna Sengupta, Saheb Chatterjee and more.
Director: Subhrajit Mitra
Showtime: Nandan-1 (6.30 pm), Jaya (2.15 pm)

‘Mon Amour: Shesher Kobita Revisited’ is the latest bengali film releasing in Calcutta today. Today is a cool day – 08.08.08 – so a special movie on a special friday by director Shubhrajit Mitra. Mon-Amour (my love in French) is supposed to be a modernized version of  Rabindranath Tagore’s famous love story ‘Shesher Kobita” revolving aroung Amit, Labyanya and Shovonlal. Mon-Amour is the debut film by the sirector Subhojit Mitra and calcuttatube wishes great success for the film. The director took the charecters from the Rabindranath’s story but blended very well with the recent city trend. This is one of the big budget film in recent time scoring 40 Lakh Rupees.

In this modified Film,  Rajarshi (Amit) is a busy film-maker, while his lost love Brishti (Labanya) is married to common friend Indrajit (Sovanlal) and is now the mother of a six-year-old girl. In this movie the three charecters met with each other after 7-8 years. So, theoritically Mon Amour is an extension of Tagore’s Story. Mon Amour starts when “Shesher Kabita” ends.
Mon Amour - Shesher Kabita Revisited
Mon Amour - Shesher Kabita Revisited

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9 thoughts on “Mon Amour (2008): Bengali Movie

  1. shesher kobitar goodwill ta use korlen director. cinemay jeta dekhlam seta motei shesher kobita somporkito noy. ar jodi prosongo shesher kobita revisited niyei hoy tahole ei cinema dorshok ke thik ki bojhate chaiche bojha gelo na!
    jeta pawa gelo seta onobodyo ovinoy, gan ar abritti

  2. Mr. Mitra,
    I didn’t see your movie.But got an oppertunity to mail u.Actually I am in an animation production house.We want to develop some animation clipings in bengali films as it is now being done in most of hindi movies.We can assure our best quality with low budget.My contact no.9230570506.Look forward.

  3. I am the original writer of the film. I am sorry to say that ‘antel’ frills have been added to ‘glorify’ a simple triangular love story by an amauter director to give it the ‘Sesher Kabita’ touch. The original storyline was a simple one involving ‘churmur’. It had been earlier made into a telefilm Onyo Basonto by Gautam Bose and was aired quite a few times on Alpha Bangla. I am also the author of Neil Must Die, published by Trafford from US.
    Kaberi Chatterjee

  4. This I had to clarify since a number of intelligent critics could see through the mesh and realize that the film had nothing to do with Tagore’s Sesher Kabita. Maybe the director wanted that touch for marketing purposes.

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