Mom Ganguly-Kunal Saha on dance performance ‘Ishtara’

Dance Concert in KolkataJune 27, 2011 ( Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Kolkata witnessed a new form of dance and music on Friday (June 24) night as ‘Ishtara-The Genesis’ was stage by dancer Mom Ganguly and Kunal Saha here. The duo shares their thought in an interview.
How was the experience of staging Ishtara on Friday night?

Mom Ganguly: It was a very satisfying experience. We dreamt such a successful event and it was as if out dream that came true on Friday night.

Kunal Saha: It was a splendid experience. It was for the first time that happened. It was an out of the world experience for both if us.

How do you differentiate your form of art from others?

Mom Ganguly: We have created our own genre of music and dance. It is absolutely a mix of tradition and modernity. We have kept it in our mnd that people need to connect without genre. That was really important for us.But at the same it is not that we want to prove a point to any body. We love to perform.

Kunal Saha: I will like to add that we just want to prove the point to ourselves and perform better in future.

How did the audience react to your show. Did you get any feedback?

Mom Ganguly: People told us that it was really a new experience for us.They said that it was something they really enjoyed and  would love to see again.

Kunal Saha: An interesting fact was that many of our audience even told us to take this form to IIFA awards and present this form to more wider world.They told us that the light, sound, and everything that we used were fantastic.

You said that it will be your target to bring back the Y generation  towards classical Indian music and dance?

Mom Ganguly: See the Y generation is always listening to Bangla rock and listen very less to Indian traditional music, We want to bring them back and listen to classical music too. We have used Indian ragas with Western electronics, it was presentation of Indian classical music in modern way We want to tell the youths that Indian traditional dance and music is rich and we need to go back to it.

What was the USP of the show in few lines?

Kunal Saha: Our music travelled every corner of Indian music, from South to North to East it went all over.

What are your future plans?

We have couple of shows in the line.The dates and venue are yet to be finalised, And yes there will be more shows of Ishtara. We are hoping to come up with video album.

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Dance Concert in Kolkata

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