Mithun Chakraborty proves himself in Shukno Lanka again

Debasree Roy and Sabyasachi Chakraborty in Shukno Lanka
Debasree Roy and Sabyasachi Chakraborty in Shukno Lanka

Calcutta Tube: Mithun Chakraborty is playing one of the most unusual roles of his career as Chinu Nandy in Bengali film “SHUKNO LANKA” with Debasree Roy playing his wife Bela. Mithun plays an ageing junior artiste who came to become a hero but remained a junior artiste When internationally reputed Indian filmmaker Manik Sen  (Sabyasachi Chakraborty) decides to make an unusual film based on a story by Rtiwik Ghatak called The Philosopher’s Stone, he picks Chinu Nandy to play the main role – his first role as the central character in his entire career. . Emma Brown makes her Indian debut as Isabella, a woman Manik Sen befriends at the Berlinale who come down with him to Kolkata. Others in the cast are Nandini Chatterjee and Shaheb Chatterjee. Mahesh Aney is cinematographer, Indraneel Ghosh has done the production design and Mahadeb Shi has edited the film. Shukno Lanka has been produced jointly by Joy and Soumo Ganguly. The film, directed by Gaurab Pandey, has been conceived within a framing device of Nandy taking a special ride on a horse-drawn carriage with his wife Bela. The ride is metaphoric. It provides a contrast to the journey that Manik Sen and Isabella take to bring Paraspathar to life. The ride is a means of reaching out for Chinu Nandy to his wife Bela and his dream. It is a trigger to his fantasies and illusions. Finally it is a voyage from night to day, darkness to light, death to life. Finally it is a trip to light, towards the crowning glory.

US-based Databazaar Media Ventures (DMV) has acquired the US and Canadian rights for digital, DVD and screening distribution of the blockbuster Bengali film -Shukno Lanka– from the producers of this film, Mumbai Mantra.

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