Mithun Chakraborty in Bengali film ‘Jole Jongole’-first science thriller

Kolkata, Mar 10 (Calcutta Tube / IBNS): Versatile actor Mithun Chakraborty will be playing a scientist in upcoming Bengali film ‘Jole Jongole’.

Talking about the Bengali thriller, director Nitish Roy said: “This is the first science thriller in Bengal. The movie will feature a crocodile in a pivotal role.”

“I was inspired by Hollywood movie Jurassic Park and since then I always wanted to make a movie like this,” he said.

In the film Mithun will be portraying a scientist who wants to bring back prehistoric creatures, perished millions of years ago from the earth.

Talking about his character, Mithun said: “He is a scientist and is researching on animals. He is trying to expand the brain of crocodiles.”

The film also stars Tinu Anand, Ashish Vidyarthi, Biswajit, Dibbeyendu, Mumtaz Sorkar, Riju Biswas, Sayak, Rajdeep, Pamela Bhutoria, Sayantani, Anindya, Titas, Dhruv, Dijana and Chigaru.

Riju Biswas, who tasted success with engali serial “Bou Katha Kao”, said about his character: “I am playing Deep who is a mad guy. He shows off a lot but fails to produce at the time of need.”

When asked how it feels to work with stalwarts, he said: “It was fantastic to work with Mithunda and Tinuda. It’s not easy to match up to their steps but they were very patient and kind to us.”

Speaking about her character in the movie, Mumtaz said: “I am playing Laila who is very strong, outspoken, bubbly and dominating in the group. But at the end of the movie my character takes a different turn. She becomes silent and somehow looses the charm.”

Sayantani will be seen as portraying the character of Jhimli who loves to play flute and there is a link between the crocodile and her flute.

Model-turned-actor Pamela will be seen essaying the role of Kabita who is a romantic girl.

‘Jole Jongole’ will be remade in Hindi as ‘Gehra Paani’ and the budget of the Hindi version is likely to cross that of the Bengali one.

For the Hindi version, the cast and location will remain same except Mithun, who will be replaced by Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt.

(Reporting by Tania Roy)

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