MISTAKE (2012) Bengali Film – Preeti Jhangiani , Vikram, Malabika, Sourav and Clio

Kolkata, May 28 (IBNS): Director S K from Bangalore is currently in Kolkata to shoot his upcoming Bengali film “Mistake”, a film that aims to promote education.

Speaking about the movie, S K said: “Mistake is based on five friends. It’s not a hard core commercial movie, rather it focuses on education.”

“Throughout the movie there are problems and every problem’s root is mistake. That’s why there is a tagline from director’s angle for the audiences ‘look at the mistakes but don’t commit them’,” he added.

Actors Preeti Jhangiani , Vikram, Malabika, Sourav and Clio will be seen in the shoes of five friends while actor Indrani Halder will be essaying a key character.

“By hovering around these five friends the movie will explore the problems faced by students during their college and university. It shows if we don’t utilize the right time for right work then it can lead us to serious problems,” said the director.

Speaking about her character, Indrani said: “I am playing a very small part. I am playing the role of a very caring mother but she is not that typical mother. She is very contemporary in her dressing as well as in thoughts.”

“The very same caring mother later will be seen trying to solve a crisis. So, apart from being a mother there is a different identity of her. But to know the identity you will have to see the movie,” she said with a smile.

Asked if in terms of climax can we expect a similarity with the Vidya Balan starrer movie ‘Kahaani’, the director replied: “Yes, it too had got a suspense element at the end but it’s not like Kahani. My story revolves around education.”

“It shows how a polite and decent student even changes to a spoilt brat due to circumstantial influence,” he added.

“The movie throws light on the fate of students who invites them to the wrongdoing, drugs sold by students and lots of other mistakes,” he said.

When asked him why an actor like Indrani is playing a small character in his movie, he said: “Who said that she is playing a small role? In fact, her part is very crucial.”

“From the beginning we will see her only as a housewife but later she will be seen cracking a big problem. Her identify will be revealed later,” he added.

The movie which is produced by NPV Entertainment Pvt. Ltd will star other actors like Kunal Padhy, Biswajit Chakraborty, Dulal Lahiri and Barun Chatterjee.

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