Miriwaz Umar Farooq: Government has declared war against people of Jammu and Kashmir

September 17, 2010, Srinagar (Calcutta Tube/AIP): Chairman moderate faction Hurriyat Conference Miriwaz Umar Farooq strongly condemned the collective punishment being inflicted upon the entire population of valley for pursuing their just cause for the resolution of Kashmir issue.

He said that the process was accelerated after thousands of Kashmiris were able to give expression to their demand at the historic Lal Chowk rally.

He said that while the entire population of valley has been caged in their homes, an all-out war has been declared against them. All repressive measures are being used to quell and crush the resistance movement and intimidate people for daring to raise their voice for their fundamental political right and defying the Indian state.

The daily unabated killing of unarmed civilian protesters at the hands of armed forces is being coupled with strictly enforced round the clock curfew, inaccessibility to essentials like medicine, milk and baby food, deliberate disruption to water and electric supply, disallowing ambulances, medical staff and doctors from reaching hospitals, shortage of blood in hospitals, severe thrashing of people if sighted out of their homes etc. to teach people a lesson, he said in statement mailed to Agence India Press.

The local print and electronic media have also been heavily clamped down upon and scores of media persons beaten to prevent them from exposing the “democratic credentials of the Indian state”. Mirwiaz said we are greatly concerned about the telephonic reports received from various parts of the valley especially Tangmarg, Budgam and other areas of the valley where there has been mayhem and nobody is allowed to visit.

Mirwaiz said that while all this is being perpetuated, the central and state agencies are also trying to discredit the movement by engaging in deception in order to hoodwink the people of India and rest of the world into believing that the agitation in Kashmir is based on violence. Mirwaz said anti movement elements and agencies are working hard to sabotage the movement and as part of that plan set ablaze buildings like the office of PDD at Srinagar or the missionary school at Tangmarg etc. he appealed the people especially the youth to be wary of these elements and not allow them to succeed in their designs. Mirwaz said our movement is for a just and noble cause and hence there is no scope for any kind of violence in it.

He applauded the people for displaying patience and steadfastness in these trying times, but stressed that our struggle for justice is a long drawn one which requires firm faith in Allah, perseverance and courage.

Mirwaz also said that he is sending letters to various heads of states informing them about the unfolding human crisis here and appealing them to intervene. (AIPTV)

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