Mika Singh-On Her Jungle Experience

Mika Singh the contestant from Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao talks about her jungle experience in an intimate interview.

Mika Singh-On Her Jungle Experience-Interview

Mika Singh the contestant from Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao talks about her jungle experience in an intimate interview.

Controversy’s favorite child Mika Singh is eliminated from Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao! Mika who entered the show 2 weeks back is on his return now. Incidentally when Mika came to know that Jay and he were in the bottom two and had to face the Maha Jungle Challenge, he decided to quit and requested to leave the show so that Jay could get another chance to stay in the jungle. But since this was against the rules of the show, Mika had to take the challenge head on but finally lost out to Jay. He shares his experience and opinions about the contestants in Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao!

How was your experience in the jungle?

My friends had kept a bet that I wouldn’t last more than 3-4 days in the jungle. They told me I would fight with everyone, since the living conditions are quite difficult. But I loved the jungle experience. It has made me realize how I can live life without the help of any entertainment. In spite of living a luxurious life and having 4 hatte khatte (strong) bodyguards, I lived in the jungle without an AC or a fan. I cooked food, lit fire, guarded fire giving up a night’s sleep, shared the same bathroom that 8 others used. I would bathe in open and above all ate breakfast on time, which I never did in my life.

Why did you call it quits from Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao?

I see Jay as my younger brother. I had promised in the very beginning that I would never fight against Jay or Chitrashi. I like to keep my word. I had my adventure for 14 days, and I am very happy with the experience. Other people in the jungle need to stay back in the jungle for various reasons, for money, popularity, visibility etc. They all deserve to stay. But if it were anybody else against me, I would have fought; I would have wanted to fight. Haar kisi ko pasand nahi hai na.

Do you think people now know the real Mika through IJSMB?

Yes. I am a simple man. When everybody heard about my entry they thought there would be fights and controversies but none of those happened. I was just what I am in real life. In little time, I made friends and also became the jungle’s leader. I tried my best to keep my calm too. Aman and Akashh never liked each other. But since the time I entered I made sure I spoke well about Aman to Akashh and vice versa. Now both of them are comfortable with each other.

What do you think of the contestants– any favorites or rivals?

I got along well with everybody and they all liked me too. I kept them entertained through my music. Music is very important. With me coming on the show, they got a colorful life. Mona is a sweet girl; no matter how much work you give her she would be ready to do it. Anaida was very moody. Marc also had a back problem but still he would do his work. Chetan is a 6 feet 3 inch tall little baby. He is still a child at heart but overgrown in size. He used to call me “Mickey Mickey” he’s too good, a very enthusiastic and a unique character. Akashh too was good. People think he would be someone who would get angry anytime but he’s a sweet guy. He thinks he is the only one who would work in the camp and nobody else does any work (laughs). Chitrashi is a sweet girl. We entered the camp together so we hit it off immediately.

What about you fight with Chitrashi?

Chitrashi is nice, but I guess she took me very lightly. When I would assign her any work, she would refuse to do it. If Marc assigned her the same work, she would take it up instantly. I didn’t like that attitude. She is very childish and I had to make her understand to stay in limits. The fight I had with her was a small one and after that everything was normal.

Who according to you is the weakest in the jungle?

We 3 were the weakest links– Jay, Chitrashi and I. All the other contestants are very strong and have the attitude to stay in the jungle. For Chitrashi it’s like an outing, a picnic, she has come here for fun.

Who should win the show?

Chetan. He is the most deserving among all. Akashh is good at physical tasks and Marc at eating. Chetan is a mixture of both. He has the capability of doing all the tasks well. I think he should win the show. I fully support Chetan!

Anything that has surprised you about the contestants?

I have seen girls gossiping. But after coming here I was shocked to see the boys- Chetan, Marc and Akashh gossip too. Out of the 24 hours, they would be gossiping for 16 hours. Every night they would gossip for 3 hours. And nothing major to talk about, but just in general and they would speak real fast- chatter chatter… if they were not gossiping, then they would use sign language. Yeh 3 characters hai hamare show ke. But Aman is very smart; he knows everything about everybody, their weaknesses, strengths etc. he is the smartest chap there.

Will you miss the jungle?

Mein toh miss karunga hi par I think the people there will miss me the most. My presence will be missed. There is nothing in the jungle; it’s very difficult to survive. I think if I was given good food for 6 months then I could survive that long. I need good food for survival.


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