Michael Jackson’s first posthumous single released

Los Angeles, Nov 9 (DPA) Michael Jackson‘s first posthumous single was released Monday on his website – a biting and catchy song called ‘Breaking News’ in which the former King of Pop eerily and ominously sings about the news cycle’s fascination with him.

The song is the first single from his album, Michael, which is due for release Dec 14.

‘Everybody wanting a piece of Michael Jackson/ Reporters stalking the moves of Michael Jackson,’ sang the pop icon on the track. ‘Just when you thought he was done/ He comes to give it again/They want to write my obituary.’

Jackson died aged 50 last summer from an accidental overdose of hospital anaesthetics he was using as a sleeping aid, just as he was about to embark on a concert tour.

Some online reports have claimed that the lyrics on the new single were sung by a Jackson impersonator but his record label Epic insisted that it was Jackson himself behind the mike when the song was recorded in 2007.

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